WATCH: Michelle Obama Says She Didn't Trust Obama Initially Because White People Liked Him



When Michelle first met former Barry, before the two manifested the romance to end all romances, the future First Lady and Queen of the Left was skeptical of the biracial dude.


Her problem? White people liked him.

Say it ain’t so!

During an interview on the ABC News special Becoming Michelle: A First Lady’s Journey with Robin Roberts, the host referenced the initial scenario that joined the two lovebirds in 1989:

“You’re gonna be his mentor. He comes blowing into town, a little bit famous already. Late for the first meeting.”

Michelle, who, incidentally, has been bested by Melania in area of border compassion (here), jumped in:

“Late. Late. I was, like, ‘Is he triflin’? This — the black man’s gonna be late on the first day?'”

Barack is, of course, not “black.” He is equal parts black and white. This, it seems to me, presented a wonderful opportunity for America’s 44th president: He could’ve stood as a manifestation of racial unity. Rather, unfortunately, he seemed more interested in partisan division. 

Nevertheless, Robin quizzed:

“You weren’t overly impressed in the beginning?” 

She wasn’t?! Egad! How????

Michelle explained:

“I wasn’t, you know? I have my suspicions when a bunch of white folks fawn on over a black man, ’cause I sorta think, ‘Okay — he can talk straight, so they think he’s wonderful.'”

All you honkeys know how you like a black man if he can talk straight!


And hmmm — again, Barack is no more black than he is white.

Other famous people who, according to, are both black and white:

Prison Break Actor Wentworth Miller

• MLB Shortstop Derek Jeter

• NBA Power Forward Kris Humphries

• Hurdler and Bobsledder Lolo Jones

• Actress Rashida Jones (Black and Jewish)

All you white folks: Can you even imagine how much you’d like those people if they could talk straight????

[In case you didn’t know, by the way, Trump and all conservatives are racist (here, here, and here).]

Michelle continued:

“So — so that was my theory. And then his name was Barack Obama,” Obama responded. “He was from Hawaii. I thought, ‘What,’ you know? So I didn’t really know what to expect. And then in walks Barack Obama. And Barack Obama has always walked like Barack Obama. Like, he’s got all the time in the world. He’s– he had that stride. I was, like, ‘Dude, you’re cute.’ But in my mind, I was, like… Off limits. Not even not interested. I’m not gonna date the– one of the few black summer associates. Robin, how tacky, you know?”

I’ll give her that — Barack does have that stride.

It’s a pretty cool walk. But if you’re white, please don’t agree — you’ll only make people suspicious of America’s favorite President.



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