No More Mr. Nice Guy -- Democrats: Now That They've Lost, They Can Say What They REALLY Think



Democratic politicians say crazy things. Maybe we can gloss over that sometime, when you and I have a free seven months or so.

Two left-wing candidates on the outs in the wake of Tuesday say they’re excited to finally be able to say what they really think. My initial reactions:

  • This is a silly attempt to make losing sound like a cool move.
  • What the heck are they gonna say????
  • Oh, yeah — since they lost, what they say won’t matter…will it?

Did I miss one?

Richard Cordray missed one…or a bunch…of votes. Therefore, he ain’t the governor of Ohio. Nevertheless, according to Rich, freedom rings:

“It occurred to me that I am now freed from the constraints of running for or holding public office.”


Cordray formerly served as Ohio Attorney General (2009-2011) and Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (2012-2017). Now he can serve your breadsticks at the Olive Garden. And — in his off-time — say whatever he wants.

Incidentally, when you eat at the ‘Garden, do yourself a favor and order the Paste e Fagioli. It’s a bottomless helping of delicious. That’s amore!!!! Also, if they bring back the “Buy One, Take One” deal, don’t miss out — you get a fantastic entrée plus one to take home for later. Personally, I get the spaghetti and meatballs or chicken parmesan — the marinara is so swwwweet.


You know what’s also sweet? Crushing defeat. So suggests Missouri’s Claire McCaskill. She celebrated during her concession speech:

“I know my mouth gets me in trouble a lot, right? But believe it or not, I really had to be kind of careful. Not anymore!”

I like these two — one of Claire’s ads noted she was “not one of those crazy Democrats.” At least they admitted there’s a heapin’ of crazy on their side. Of course, now that she doesn’t need to watch her troublesome mouth, she may more boldly join their ranks.

I like Cordray ’cause he lost — there’s enough “Nazi” goofiness across the aisle without him contributing (enough = less than any); his donation was reported by

In the age of Donald Trump, Nazi references are way out of control in American political discourse.

How out of hand? Even some of the wonky, nice guys in politics are making them.

But that doesn’t excuse Ohio gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray, who made a bizarre comment likening some Republicans to Nazi collaborators while speaking in Lima before last month’s primary. Politics Extra on Monday obtained a video of Cordray’s speech to the Allen County Democratic Party Women’s Club on March 8.

The Democrat’s campaign said Cordray “regrets” the comment likening locally elected Ohio Republicans to a group of French officials who collaborated with the Nazis to help Germany conquer France in World War II.


I guess we’ll see how things go in the future with these two. The not-so-great news is, among Dem candidates who did win, rhetoric is likely to be as screwy as anything those who lost are bound to freely say. Thanks to the bias of the media, there ain’t a whole lot of accountability (obvious here, here, here, and here).

But I’ll be here; so will you.

Hopefully, America will notice the absurdity…and 2020 will reflect that observation.


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