Super Suzanne Somers on Relegated Roseanne: 'The Anti-Trumps Won'



Ohhhhh yeah — Suzanne Somers.

How can you resist a story about Chrissy from Three’s Company? And the hot mom in Step by Step?

And…the Hollywood Trump supporter?


Ohhhhh yeah.

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Suzanne chimed in on the firing of Roseanne Barr back in May.

Since Roseanne’s dismissal, ABC’s kicked the scorned sitcom star while she’s down with a new incarnation of her show, minus herThe Conners hit the airwaves just a few weeks ago, and it’s already lost a hefty percentage of viewers since its premiere.

I assume it doesn’t matter — I’m betting the network keeps the show on the air, regardless of ratings, as a political stance against Roseanne, which was really a political stance against Trump (see here, here, and here). Although, ABC’s CEO — Channing Dungey — claims that isn’t so (here).

Suzanne disagrees with me about the viewership, but she’s on the same page as surely many of you with regard to Barr’s canning, which was covered via scripting the matriarch’s death by way of opioid addiction (how’s that for a disgraceful exit?):

“The anti-Trumps won in this case, but really I think the network lost big. … The ratings on the spinoff show were nowhere near what any one of the Roseanne [episodes] accomplished. And [ABC] won’t be able to sit with that for very long, unless some miracle happens.”


Suzanne’s hoping for that miracle, for the sake of the cast:

“They’re all really nice people that are on the show.”

I’ve never watched the program, in any of its iterations. But I respect Roseanne — a person with outwardly-worn flaws — for her courage and comfort with expressing her political views in Hollywood, to the point of spilling them over into her show. For a few brief moments on ABC (home of left-wing The View and Jimmy Kimmel Live), a high-profile television event — though it may have been very liberal in some respects — featured a character who was pro-Trump and yet, perplexingly, not pathologically evil. Suzanne liked it, too:

“Roseanne is extremely unique, and she’s fearless. … [She] took a point of view that’s very unpopular right now, so she hit the eye of the storm … with the 50 percent of the country who is pro-Trump and 50 percent who is not.”


Despite ABC’s riddance of Roseanne, there’s a positive — arguably, far more pure — GOP victory on the ol’ boob tube: Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing is going strong (here). And hopefully, it will be for the foreseeable future.

As I think on these things, perhaps Suzanne will help ease the pain of my Alyssa Milano heartache (here, here, here, here, here, and everywhere else, too). Join with me, and feast your eyes on the greatness below (including a special appearance by the fantastic Marie Osmond).



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