MSNBC 'Republican' Nicolle Wallace Hopes for Democratic Midterm Domination



What’s MSNBC’s idea of a Republican? Nicolle Wallace.

What’s Nicolle Wallace’s idea of a great midterm? The Democrats taking back Congress.



On Late Night with Seth Meyers Thursday, the news network host denounced the party with which she previously affiliated.

Meyers posed a question echoing one of the Left’s most pervasive assertions about Republican politicians: They’re disingenuously pandering to the ignorant conservative voters’ dysfunction:

“You have referred to yourself as a non-practicing Republican right now, because the Republican Party has drifted away from what I believe were the values I think drew you to it. And these were the ‘isms,’ such as ‘nationalism.’ Is this something that you saw coming at any point? I mean, is this something that happened with Donald Trump or is it something that was trending this way and he took advantage of?”

“‘Isms,’ such as nationalism”??

Would he ask such things of Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who trumpet the -ism of Hitler — National Socialism (otherwise known as the core belief of Naziism)?

Wallace — who served as White House Communications Director for Bush and as senior advisor for John McCain’s 2008 presidential run — referenced Sarah Palin as an example of the GOP’s terrible turn:

“You know, it was something that the people I worked for tried to push against. It was something that Sarah Palin dabbled in. She talked about President Obama palling around with terrorists. … I saw that her crowds were bigger and louder and more animated by her speaking to their grievances, speaking to their nativism, speaking to their feeling of being angry about immigration and other issues. But John McCain didn’t embrace any of those, and that’s probably why, ultimately, the two of them ended up not on the same page.”


Meyers inquired, “Due to this non-practicing and the current state of the Republican Party, do you feel as though a time will come again when you will practice Republicanism?”

“No,” she laughed.


“[I] think, more often than not, people that have seen American presidents up-close and know what the conduct is supposed to be like will ultimately decide that a check on this administration is urgent.”

Then Nicolle hoped for November Democratic dominance:

“I think it’s really important that Democrats take over the House and/or the Senate. I think that any White House is improved by having a check and a balance, this White House more than any other.”

And the house was brought dowwwwn.

Wallace’s comments aren’t exactly a shock. Back in the summer, she indicated she wanted to choke Sarah Huckabee Sanders (here); in June, she incredibly referred to the Trump women in the White House as “dead inside” (here); a month later, she compared the administration to MS-13 (here); and earlier this month, she slapped her knee with the rest of the panel when guest Rosie O’Donnell declared, “I want to send the military to the White House to get him” (here).


As for Nicolle’s comments on Sarah Palin, they’re nothing new. In May, referring to Trump voters’ “frenzied, dark side,” she had this to say (here):

“[S]ome of that had its birth in the Sarah Palin crowds. I mean, you and I both saw it. And while across the Midwest, John McCain was reprimanding his supporters when they called President Obama — then Senator Obama — a Muslim. Sarah Palin reveled in what you just described.”

When it comes to their “variety” of hosts, the degree to which the networks are skewed perpetually amazes me. Their version of “right” is left of center. Their version of “center” is left of left. And good GRIEF — their idea of “left”…well, let’s not even think about that. But it’s an “ism” that I hope we never see rise to prominence, from which I hope November moves us farther — like an applauded Nicolle Wallace, moving farther from the will of the voters.


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