Hollywood Responds to the Mail Bombs and Names the Terrorist Outright



On Wednesday, some suspicious packages — containing potential explosive devices — were delivered to CNN, the Obamas, and the Clintons.


So who’s to blame? The person who mailed them? No way!

You know the root of all evil — it’s the father of all lies, Donald J. Trump.

At least, such is the case if you turn to goofy celebrities for insight and profound truth. If not, then Danger: Eye Rolls Ahead.

In response to the sinister deliveries, 72-year-old Bette Midler took to Twitter to teach America about cause and effect:

“What’s happening is all the hate and divisiveness being sowed by the person in the White House and his surrogates is coming to a head and people are in mortal danger. There will be blood on their hands.”

Hey — wait a minute. What about this?–

Guess she changed her mind.

Not content to engage in singular goofiness, Bette went for a double:

“I heard Mr Trump say these kinds of violent acts have no place in America. I want to believe him, and I pray that he can set aside his usual rhetoric and find it in his heart to protect and defend even those with whom he does not agree, for the sake of the country we all love.”


That was actually better. But she’s still seemingly blaming Trump, in a sense, for his influence. Bette, of course, wasn’t alone.

Enter my personal heartbreak (here, here, and here), Alyssa “I’ve Gotten So Much Worse” Milano — once an adorable 80’s poster, now an unfortunate ode to “In Over My Head.”

Alyssa tweeted this beauty:

Rob Reiner — who, along with his wife, previously characterized Trump followers as racist Hitlerites (here) — offered this bit of wisdom:

“Donald Trump tells his cult followers protesters are paid for by Soros. “Hillary Clinton should be locked up. John Brennan should lose his clearance. CNN is the enemy of the people. And blames Obama for everything. They’re lives were all threatened. You do the math. VOTE!!!”

Cult followers????

How about Community actress Yvette Nicole Brown?

Actors and actresses are known for their political astuteness. Here we go:


“What do #GeorgeSoros @CNN #BillAndHillaryClinton & @BarackObama all have in common? All have been vilified by the occupant of 1600 Penn. He tells his devotees that they are enemies. He blames them for every wrong in America. Is anyone surprised that some nutjob targeted them?”

The occupant!

And there’s this:

“Suspicious and/or actual explosive devices mailed to the Clintons and the Obamas. #JobsNotMobs, huh? At least they didn’t ask them to leave a restaurant or ask why they don’t believe sexual assault survivors. THAT would be worse. *insert side-eye emoji*”

I’m trying to resist addressing the idiotic phrase “believe sexual survivors,” but I just can’t.


First of all: “Survivor” suggests an event occurred which threatened survival, aka possible or likely death. When I was 15, I twisted my ankle. I’m not a twisted-ankle “survivor.” Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson was shot nine times. He was in the hospital for nearly two weeks. He’s a survivor. Olivia Newton-John has had three breast cancer diagnoses. Her sister and father died of cancer. She’s a survivor. If, in fact, Christine Blasey Ford was groped by someone at at party, for example, she is not a “survivor.”

Secondly, calling them “sexual assault survivors” suggests already that they were indeed assaulted; therefore, of course, they should be believed. “Believe sexual survivors” is an inarguable dictate, just as is the converse, “Disbelieve liars.” The question, in each case, is “Which person is the accuser — the sexual assault victim, or the liar?” We have a way to determine the answer to that question; it’s called “due process.” To leave out due process is to engage in Step Stupid (covered here).

I could address the rest of Brown’s tweet, but I’m sure y’all will do that yourselves.

Thank goodness we have the minds of Hollywood to interpret the news for us, including the analysis that — though Barack Obama was the most divisive president in history — Donald Trump is Mr. Division. Because, you know, he disagrees with the far Left.


And that’s the news.


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