Anti-Reporter Jim Acosta Attacks Sarah Sanders, Highlights the Death of News



Jim Acosta doesn’t know what a reporter is.

And yet, he calls himself one.

How? Why?

The degeneration of the Left has run concurrent with the corruption of the media. As those on the extreme other side of the political aisle have sunken into a pit of socialism, communism, anti-Americanism, racism, sexism, and mob-mentality incivility, the press — or even the idea of actual news — has devolved into a hive of propagandists, eschewing any notion of objectivity whatsoever. What’s more, not only is virtually every “story” an opinion piece and every “fact” cripplingly selective, the modern version of the press is, in many cases, slinging deception like a curve ball to a Louisville Slugger-wielding ignorant public, as they pull back their bat in the World Series of America’s future.


CNN’s Acosta shines — or doesn’t — as perhaps the most pitiful substitute for a reporter in the modern age. He’s absolutely obliterated the idea of what a reporter is supposed to be.

If you can tell how a reporter votes, that reporter should be immediately fired; he’s failed at his most primary responsibility.

Yet, Jim Acosta maintains his network title, though his political views are no less known than Donald Trump’s.

That’s…what’s the word? Oh, yeah — inexcusable.

C’mon, CNN (It stinks — see here)!

I find it disheartening that the Left lavishes anti-Trump Acosta (here), despite the fact that he’s hacking away at a critical ideal. An entire generation is growing up, not knowing what news is. As objectivity goes the way of the dodo bird, so does information. All that’s left is pamphlets being dropped from German planes.

As a pundit, Acosta is welcome to express his views; but the breathtaking perplexity of his position as Reporter is a literal shame (see here). It’s “Taps” for the concept of reporting.

Fulfilling his role as the nation’s principal anti-reporter, Jim appeared at the CNN-hosted Citizen conference Monday — where Nancy Pelosi also confirmed she won’t run for president (see here).


In their coverage, Fox & Friends’s introduction of Acosta’s appearance highlighted his position in the world of politicized rhetoric. Host Carley Shimkus called him “one of [Trump’s] biggest critics in the media.”

A critic is not a reporter.

Emphasizing that fact, the Anti-Reporter attacked Sarah Sanders onstage:

“I wouldn’t put ‘productive’ and ‘a Sarah Sanders briefing’ in the same sentence. She’s just a dishonest and deceptive person.”

I wouldn’t put “Acosta” and “reporter” in the same sentence. Except to say he isn’t one.

What do you think of the state of reporting and the media in America? Let us all know in the Comments section.



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