Hillary in 2020? A Top Aide Says Don't Count Her Out (And I Need a Coat & the Pink Stuff)



You got any Pepto?

Philippe Reines, Senior Advisor to Hillary Clinton when she began her tenure as Secretary of State — and, later, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Strategic Communications — recently commented on the chances of a 2020 Hillary run.


In an interview with Politico for the article “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Hillary?” Reines had this to say:

“It’s curious why Hillary Clinton’s name isn’t in the mix—either conversationally or in formal polling—as a 2020 candidate. She’s younger than Donald Trump by a year. She’s younger than Joe Biden by four years. Is it that she’s run before? This would be Bernie Sanders’s second time, and Biden’s third time. Is it lack of support? She had 65 million people vote for her.”

Hold on…

Sorry — I had to put on a jacket. I was getting chills.

Philippe also pointed out Hillary’s ferocity:

“Chalking the (2016) loss up to her being a failed candidate is an oversimplification. She is smarter than most, tougher than most, she could raise money easier than most, and it was an absolute fight to the death.”

Wait a sec — had to put on my hood.

Is the heat broken in here?

So what’s Reines’s bottom line? He assessed the chance of a second presidential Lady Clinton campaign this way:

“It’s somewhere between highly unlikely and zero, but it’s not zero.”

Okay…now I’m looking for kindling and matches.


Granted, “between highly unlikely and zero, but it’s not zero” may sound like nothing of a chance. But this is Hillary Clinton we’re talking about — a woman, in my estimation, whose every pore oozes a disturbingly maniacal drive to rule the earth.

Any chance is a solid chance. That’s due not only to an insatiable hunger to enact her Marxist reign, but also her obvious singular appetite for vengeance against her now-mortal enemy, Donald J. Trump.

I believe if you could see the inside of her eyelids, you’d find images of Trump, burned into the skin with lasers of fury.

In two years, she hasn’t let up in her quest to destroy him, from her insane interviews about The Donald (here and here), to her mad dirge of a blamefest, What Happened? to her recent ridiculous-claims-filled afterword update of the book (here).

Hillary Clinton is a woman burning with a need for planetary relevance, as evidenced here, here, and here.

Don’t count her out; 2020 may indeed find a bob-cutted, Chairman-Mao-suited, bug-eyed lady trying to keep fire from shooting from her soul as she again tells the masses why she deserves their vote.


In the meantime, speaking of fire, I’m setting my thermostat at 90. And feeling a little sick.



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