Perpetually 'Learning' Chelsea Handler Calls Fox's Streaming Service a Place for Racists (Like You)



What happens to people in Hollywood? Is there a Messiah Complex germ in the water?

What makes someone who does something as insignificant as read a teleprompter or recite memorized lines in front of a camera start to think they’re the chosen one — that special, bright, brave soul to rescue a fallen world?


Whatever it is, Chelsea Handler caught it. Perhaps she and Alyssa Milano used the same lipstick once upon a time. Or ChapStick — maybe their lips were dry and cracked from kissing themselves.

However it came to be, Chelsea is out to save the world. From….


She took to Twitter Wednesday to comment on the Fox News streaming service, Fox Nation:

“Fox News’ new paid streaming service ‘Fox Nation’ will launch later this year with daily programming from Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity. It’s for when you need a break from watching racists on your TV, so you can watch them on your computer.”

In an echo chamber, it’s easy to think of the other side as a phantom conglomerate of alien beings somewhere in the distance — not the people one sees on the street, but something else. Does she genuinely realize she’s calling half the country racist?


Heres another example of Chelsea’s political astuteness:

“I wonder how long it will take Repubs like @SpeakerRyan @LindseyGrahamSC to walk back their attacks on Saudi Arabia. Once, Saudi offers them some cash, they will be fine with the killing of a journalist. Just like they’re fine reporting to Russia. It’s all so predictable.”

Her comments — including, but not limited to, the ones above — display an abject ignorance of things, a clueless hypocrisy, or a conscious double standard. If the first is correct, her recently-tweeted message to her teenage self is particularly perplexing:

“#ThisIs18 in New Jersey, 1993 – I’d tell her it’s okay to admit you don’t know something. Who cares if it’s a stupid question. ASK IT. You must keep learning about anything and everything.”


There seems to be a lot she doesn’t know.

Nevertheless, she’s there to steer everyone else in the right direction:

“Visit my @countable page for the candidates I support, upcoming events, the facts, and ways to take action: …”

Her video encourages anyone watching to fight for the causes which ignite their passions, as if it’s certain all of them will be left-wing. That certainly fits the paradigm of not understanding America.

I don’t mean to attack Chelsea — she’s fighting for what she believes, and that’s what she should do. But when that fight comes with a denigration for all others, she shouldn’t expect to reach the world. Because the world — despite her impression — is bigger than her current, apparent understanding of it.


In October of last year, Handler announced she was leaving her modest Netflix show to “become a more knowledgeable and engaged citizen” and pursue political and social activism. Sadly, so long as she dismisses the other side as “racist,” she’ll learn nothing, gain, nothing, and evolve into nothing more than what she already was: a typical Hollywood liberal, degrading half of the nation. The half, incidentally, that won the last elections. Of maybe she hasn’t yet heard — news travels slow when you’re not willing to listen.






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