WATCH: Old Interview with Heavy-Drinking 'Thug' Obama Puts Wild-Man Brett Kavanaugh to Shame

Barack Obama: The History Makers - SCREENSHOT



This is fantastic.

Well, unless you’re a Democrat.

Well, unless you’re a Democrat who wants to make sense.

Remember all the hubbub about Brett “Party Man” Kavanaugh? The guy who was a boozer loser in his teens and, therefore in part, has no business being on the Supreme Court in his 50’s? Well, move over bacon — now there’s something meatier.


A video of the Left’s savior, Barack Obama, has resurfaced. And Barry is talkin’ up a storm about his partying days as an adolescent. The hits:

–Trigger Warning–

“I think I was a thug for a big part of my growing up.”


“[I] reacted by engaging in a lot of behavior that’s not untypical of a lot of black males across the country.”

What? That’s racist.

“I didn’t take school that seriously.”

Say it ain’t so!

“I got into fights.”

That sounds a lot like toxic masculinity.

“I drank and consumed substances that weren’t always legal.”


“Some of my behavior was self-destructive — I might drink a six-pack in an hour before going back to class.”

The interview comes courtesy of The History Makers which, on its website, describes its service to the community thusly:

“By recording, preserving and sharing the life stories of thousands of African Americans, from President Barack Obama to the oldest living black cowboy, The HistoryMakers is a leader in helping to educate and enlighten millions worldwide through refashioning a more inclusive record of American history.”

After the interview, which was given on February 16, 2001, why didn’t all Democrats declare Barack unfit to be President?


As you’ll remember, people said tons of imbecilic things about Kavanaugh — Hillary warned his confirmation would take us back to the days of slavery (here); CNN decried impending and evil changes to the laws of the land (here); MSNBC discussed a possible resultant “thousand-year Reich” (here). But that wasn’t all — Democrats seemed appalled by the swiggin’ behavior of Brett, his shady alcohol-lovin’ persona castigated throughout the hearings. Remember this?–

Kavanaugh was portrayed as a wild man. This wild:

So what of “thug” Obama? Six-pack Barry?

It seems to me a good question. Not because any of Barack’s described exploits should have disqualified him for the presidency, of course; but because Democrats applied standards — as they often do — unevenly.

I have three rules for politics:

  • Be reasonable.
  • Be consistent.
  • Be civil.

The Left fails my test, on a daily basis. And not just in one category. They flunked all three during the hearings. And that’s regardless of the history of Barack Obama. But the 2001 video does shine a light on their hypocrisy. Their forced outrage has become all too common.

And it doesn’t work — it didn’t in 2016, and I believe their recent madness is going to prove a deficit in the midterms (see here, here, and here).


We’ll soon see. In the meantime, if you’re disturbed by Kavanaugh, you can attend a spell-casting ceremony to put a hex on “rapist” Brett (here); but if you leave your broom at the house and decide to walk home, if you find yourself in a dark alley with the former President of the United States, look out — I heard that guy was a thug.


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