'The View's' Joy Behar: Trump Teaches Kids to Be Racists (Plus: Sizing the New 'Conservative' Host)



C’mon, ladies.


On The View Wednesday, Joy Behar told the world that President Trump is training kids to be bullies and racists.

The goofiness (which is nothing new for the show — see here, here, and here) began when Whoopi Goldberg brought up a new dating app designed for Trump supporters.


Former Fox and MSNBC personality — and brand spankin’ new View co-host — Abby Hunstman threw out a line least fitting of all on the left-wing daytime talkfest. She said she didn’t favor any situation where one is interacting only with similar minds.

Isn’t that exactly what The View is?

“Really, though, do you want to live in a world where you only watch Fox, you only watch MSNBC, you only surround yourself with people who think and believe the same things you do — I just think that’s a really dangerous world to live in.”

Yes — yes, it’s an exact description of The View.

Joy made a distinction:

“But this is a whole different thing. We’re not talking about Republicans and Democrats. We’re talking about Donald Trump people, who believe what he believes.”

Donald Trump people! Those weirdos!

Joy then suggested something amazing: you may not be bad people, those of you who support the President.

“They may not be bad people, but they’re not offended when you call a woman ‘Horseface.’”

Why would Americans be “offended” by that? Some may think it’s childish; but “offended?”

Abby clarified:

“That’s not true. That’s actually not true. I talk to many Trump supporters who say they do not stand by everything that comes out of his mouth and everything he tweets.”


No way! You can support the President and yet not agree with everything thing he says and does?

What sorcery is this????

Sunny Hostin crinkled her nose and disagreed:

“Aren’t you complicit if you still, if you still support him?”


Then Abby dropped a bomb:

“Are you still complicit in voting for Bill Clinton?”


Joy defended Clinton:

“Bill Clinton never called anyone ‘Horseface.'”


He may not have called women horses, but he sure tried to saddle some people.

Joy said Bill only taught kids that oral sex wasn’t sex.

“I was thinking today, the difference between Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. When Bill Clinton did his dirty work, kids believed that oral sex was not sex for a while.”

I don’t think that’s the only difference.

According to Joy, by contrast, evil Donald Trump…

This guy is training American kids to disrespect woman, call them names, you know, to be racist in many ways, to be bullies, even though his wife says, ‘Be best and don’t bully.’ He’s a bully.”

The crowd clapped up a storm.

Meghan McCain’d had enough (and it wasn’t the first time — see here). She swung in and dropped some mild sauce on the spicy notion that Trump has screwed up America:


“We’re a country full of independent thinkers and strong people, and…I’m sorry, we lived through a Civil War in this country. We have lived through hard times. Listen to me: This is not going to break us, okay? And I’m sick of this…I’m sick of this onus that America is going to be broken, and we’re ruined forever, because of Trump. That’s not who we are. We survive.”

Meghan’s an oddly-positioned panelist; she’s been the token conservative, and yet, she does not at all like the President. That’s as far right as the show has been willing to go as of late.

With Abby — whose father is a U.S. ambassador and former Republican governor — how will the dynamic change? If you’re looking for a red wave at The View, don’t expect a tsunami. In September, Deseret News asked Huntsman — who left the Mormon church over her support of LGBT issues — if she considers herself a conservative. This was her response:

“I don’t like to define myself as necessarily conservative. What is it to be a conservative? What is it to be a Republican, even? You’ve got Trump in the White House, so you could say there’s the Trump party, and then traditionally there’s the Republican Party. But for me, it just depends on what the issue is. I’m probably more fiscally a Republican. But socially, I’m just accepting of everything. I want everyone to be happy; I want everyone to live a life that they’re proud of. So I’m not going to sit there and judge them and speak for them. That’s just who I am.”



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