Hillary Says Bill Should 'Absolutely Not' Have Resigned Over Monica (Plus: More Denials!)



Why are we still hearing from Hillary Clinton? She hasn’t held any political position of note in half a decade, and in 2016, she was pummeled by Donald Trump.


Why do I say “pummeled”? Well, it’s true that DT didn’t win by a landslide; but when you’ve been in politics for years, and a guy known for having a gold toilet swoops in out of nowhere and bests you, you’re doing some things really, really, really, really wrong.

Two years after the 2000 and 2004 races, did you constantly see Al Gore and John Kerry? Why is Hillary still on TV?

Regardless of why, she’s back! (She was only gone a few days.)

And she’s got a waaaaaay better haircut.

Unfortunately, the exterior doesn’t dictate the interior, so despite her improved ‘do, she hasn’t changed her mind — in September, she maintained to Rachel Maddow that Bill Clinton was entirely better than Kavanaugh (here), then about a week ago, she schooled Christiane Amanpour on the “very significant difference” between her husband and President Trump (here); and even Sunday, she was still out there perplexingly hailing the virtues of Slick Willy.

Look — whatever the guy did, it can’t be changed now. But why go out and virtually champion it?


While on CBS’s Sunday Morning, Hill said it was absolutely right for Bill to stay in office back in the 90’s, even after he got all Luther-Vandross with an intern.

Tony Dokoupil asked:

“In retrospect, do you think Bill should’ve resigned in the wake of the Monica Lewinsky scandal?”

Her reply was firm:

“Absolutely not.”

In response to whether the diddling was “an abuse of power,” Hillary was just as resolute:

“No. No.”

She was on a denial roll!

Dokoupil inquired as to what part, “if any,” the former First Lady played “in criticizing the character of the women who accused Bill of sexual misconduct.”

Say it, Hill!–


Juanita Broaddrick certainly disagrees, as I covered here.

Kathleen Willey seconds that motion, as told to The Daily Caller in 2016:

“Believe me, [Hillary] is the one behind all of the terrorization, and the trashing of all of us who have suffered at his hands. She’s behind it all. She’s hired the private investigators, she’s done it all.”

Regardless of what anyone else has to say, Hillary’s made it clear — whatever the question might be, if it considers whether Bill or Hillary did any terrible thing, whether it be sexual or otherwise criminal, or whether she herself is responsible for her crushing presidential defeat (here), it’s clear her answer will always be the same, crystalized in the video below. Smoke ’em if ya got ’em, and sing along if you can.



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