In Light of Kanye, Herschel Walker Calls for Don Lemon to be Taken Off CNN



Legendary running back — and, let’s not forget, Olympic bobsledder — Herschel Walker is sour on Don Lemon.

On Tuesday night, left-winger Lemon called rapper Kanye West “the token negro of the Trump administration.”


This shouldn’t be surprising, given the fact that Don has previously looked into the camera and said, “Donald Trump is a racist.”

In case you forgot, this is how it is, according to the Left:

  • A white conservative with black associates is a slave master (see here).
  • A white liberal with black associates is just really, really cool.
  • A black associate of a white conservative is a subjugated pawn.
  • A black associate of a white liberal is a strong black person.
  • A black conservative is a joke, not to be paid any respect whatsoever (examples: Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain). Feel free to ridicule him/her. He or she is also possibly an Uncle (or Aunt?) Tom, because, as we all know, conservatism — which is comprised primarily of whites — is a white political ideology (see here). By contrast, liberalism — also primarily comprised of whites — is just really, really cool (see herehere and here).
  • A black liberal is a strong black person.

Going along with bullet point #3, Lemon asserted the President is “using Kanye as a prop to win over black voters before the midterms.”

Pundit Bakari Sellers got in a jab at Kanye, too:

“Anti-intellectualism simply isn’t cool. Kanye West is what happens when Negros don’t read.”



[Let’s consider: What would’ve happened, had a conservative spoken those words about a black liberal? Certainly a little bit of firing, a little bit of banning.]

Then came Don’s “token negro” comment.

The segment also included poking fun at mental issues, which doubtfully ingratiated the crew to Herschel — he’s an advocate for mental health and wellness.

So pro-Trump Walker took to Twitter:

“Went to bed appalled over @donlemon despicable behavior laughing at @TaraSetmayer and @Bakari_Sellers awful remarks about Kanye West’s visit with @realDonaldTrump!! Woke up wondering why @CNN doesn’t take all three off the air?#SHAMEFUL #CNN”

Commentator Tara Setmayer fired back:

“Bless your heart… You want to silence me because I expressed a different opinion than yours? Because I called out Kanye for what he is? Uninformed! I’m an actual conservative, who’s worked on policy advancing those principles for 20-plus years. I’ll never be a shill for Trump.”


Aaaand back to Herschel:

“No …@TaraSetmayer, anyone that is African American with an opinion different than yours, you want to call them out by using the N-word and @donlemon is laughing?? To me that’s bullying and shameful!!”

Herschel’s right; the segment was shameful. And more than that, it was hypocritical.

Candace Owens, who’s shared some time with Kanye, called the episode “not only racist, it was absolutely despicable.”

When I think of people whose perspective on politics should be revered, Kanye West doesn’t top my list. Nevertheless, Tuesday was a great day at the White House (especially with Jim Brown — see here). CNN showed its true colors, which are a shock to no one vaguely familiar, as the network frequently make clear its preference as a DNC mouthpiece over any kind of news organization (see here and here, among many other examples).

Herschel Walker called out Lemon and the gang, so I guess he’s just a used minority as well. But that pawn can rush for 18,000 yards! Don Lemon needs to rush — into a new line of work which openly declares itself Democratic propaganda. Or maybe the label “CNN” will do. A ruse is a ruse, by any other name.



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