Wince TV: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Stops by MSNBC and Doesn't Make Everyone Watching Smarter



I have no way of knowing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s character as a person, but assuming she’s nice, I’m very uncomfortable writing about her. The 28-year-old seems to be at the center of a prank being played by the Left, but I can’t decide whether the joke is on us or her.


The self-proclaimed socialist wants all money to pay for all things for all people, with no discernible plan by which that could ever remotely be accomplished.

In every interview, she smiles and nods as questions are posed. Then she opens her mouth and…dang it.

Nevertheless, she continues to be promoted by Democrats.

I genuinely feel bad for her, because she seems oblivious to the fact that she’s oblivious.

Despite the extremity and idiocy of socialism, I don’t know that I should call her a political radical; she comes across more as a patsy who has yet to speak words illustrating any kind of comprehension (for goodness sake, see here).

On October 5th, Alexandria appeared on MSNBC to let loose a few more syllables to…well…you’ll see.

Host Chris Hayes gushed:

“How are you going to get along with these people in Washington? I mean, I think you’re going to win. That’s a prediction I’m making. … You’re going there. …[I]t’s broken, it’s so polarized. … And you’re coming, really, as an outsider at a moment when people, like, are watching what happened today and want to storm the gates, and you’re going to actually do that.”

Why in the world would he tell her she’s going to storm the gates? She appears unable to storm a paper sack with a coherent thought. As he suggested her gates-taking prowess, she nodded and smiled, topped with the cherry of an optimistic “Mmm hmm.”


I’m wincing.

And then, Chris did the worst thing he could do — he asked something.

“What’s your plan here?”

To quote 1988’s Funny Farm (a movie I highly recommend), “Cue the deer” (in the headlights):

“Well, I think a lot of it has to do with changing our strategy around governance. You know, there’s a lot of inside baseball, and inside the beltway as, you know, you always hear that term thrown around.”

Oh boy…

“But there are very few organizers in Congress. And I do think organizers operate differently — it’s a different kind of strategy. And what it is is really about organizing. And really thinking about that word — organizing — segmenting people.”


“Being strategic in their actions. And really bringing together a cohesive strategy of putting pressure on the chamber, instead of only focusing on the pressures inside the chamber.”

Is she talking about heart surgery?

Hayes reacted with praise:

“That’s a really interesting thought.”

Uh, no. It’s not. Either of those words.

Why are they putting her out there like this? It’s not doing anyone any good, including her. If she wins, she’s not going to be taken seriously by her peers while meaninglessness climbs from her mouth like so many clowns from a nodding, smiling car.


She’s Billy Madison as Miss South Carolina, and I don’t mean that in a good way. For her sake, I hope she avoids the pit of victory (and maybe she will — see here); otherwise, despite her ballyhooed appearance, it’s not going to be pretty.


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