Pass Out the Cigars: You Paid $2 Billion for Illegal Immigrant Births



Congratulations — you’re a parent.

Or, at least, a sponsor. To, as Jeff Foxworthy has said, “dang foreigners from other nations.”


According to a report from the Center for Immigration Studies, in 2014, illegal immigrants in the United States gave birth to 297,000 kids. That’s 7.5% of all births in the country for that year.

Given the frequency of Medicaid coverage in such instances and the average cost of having a baby, the study concludes that American taxpayers — that would be you — coughed up about $2.4 billion smackeroos for those lovable bundles of joy to get smacked on the butt and declared a him or her…or xe or ve or ze/zie.

Surely as no surprise to you, California and Texas really dominated in the illegal immigrant births department, with that west coast haven of liberalism welcoming 65,000 niños and the Lone Star state increasing its population by 51,000.

Nationally, CIS estimates three-quarters of the births were taxpayer funded, but that sounds wrong to me; does it to you? Why wouldn’t it be closer to 100%? If they aren’t allowed to acquire insurance through their employer, surely twenty-five percent didn’t purchase insurance individually. Why would they? And, for nearly all, how?

Our country has a real problem. We’ve let in people we haven’t really let in. They’re floating around in the netherworld of neither here nor there. And people who have done things right are paying for those who have not — in addition to the native-born, legal immigrants are being taxed in order to pay for those who sneaked through. Imagine if everyone in a movie line was forced to buy the tickets for all who just walked straight in.


The issue has taken a very wrong turn, and our language is making it progressively difficult to even discuss it (please see here and here).

It’s a bad scene. But in the meantime, pass out cigars. But just “for the look,” Big Willie style — the same politicians responsible for the publicly-funded births have made it illegal to smoke those in public.

It’s just as well, though — they stink. So does our current immigration system.


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