Hillary Clinton Explains: Bill's Sexual Misdeeds vs Sinister Trump's? 'Very Significant Difference'



The idea of Hillary Clinton speaking out against Donald Trump — or any man — concerning issues of sexual impropriety is just…



I can’t decide if it’s aggressively hilarious or just neutrally perplexing. Maybe I’ll jet to the middle and say mildly amusing.

Hillary’s got a shady history related to Bill’s sneakin’ around, having been accused of intimidating his purported victims (see here).

And, it should be noted, Slick Willie paid off Paula Jones to the tune of $850,000.

Perhaps Hillary would claim Bill forked over almost a million bucks despite the falsity of the allegation. If so, that Clinton Foundation money could be spread pretty wide — how about we all assert Bill victimized us in unmentionable ways, via his legacy’s place in giving us Hillary? If our charge is wrong, we’re still rollin’ in it.

Unlike the supposed virtues of the Foundation, the former First Lady seems uninterested in making the world a better place, preferring instead to contribute bitterness and vitriol, by manner of her literary blamefest What Happened (see here) and her continuous attacks on the President as a therapeutic way of dealing with her crushing 2016 loss. To that end, she told CNN Tuesday that, when it comes to sexual misdeeds, Bill ain’t got nothin’ on Donald:


“Well, there’s a very significant difference, and that is the intense, long-lasting, partisan investigation that was conducted in the 90s. If the Republicans — starting with President Trump on down — want a comparison, they should welcome such an investigation themselves.”

What about the investigation of the Paul Jones claim? Clinton wanted that case out of court so badly that he paid her off.

Nevertheless, Hillary praised her husband’s strength:

“Bill had to be incredibly strong, first to be elected, then to be reelected, and to survive. He really believes Democrats have to be tougher and have to stand up to the bullying and intimidation.”

I have to say, there’s a part of me that likes the ol’ Bill these days. Not his alleged (and, in some cases, not merely alleged) shady behavior, but the fact that, during his presidency, he never scared me.

To be completely honest, I’m frightened of Hillary. She comes across, in my view, as a maniacal Marxist who needs to rule the planet so badly it’s oozing out of her pores and shooting out of her eyeballs. She appears as a Disney villain, and I’m shaking in my socks (I work from home — I don’t wear shoes).


Yet, that fear is constantly soothed by the relief, then happiness, then unmitigated hilarity of her 2016 defeat. Yeah — forget mildly amusing; it’s definitely aggressively hilarious.


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