Lindsey Graham Chased by White Rioters Accusing Him of Being White, Stays in Black-Hat Outlaw Mode



As of late, Sen. Lindsey Graham seems to have become the Terminator. The southern-drawled speaker of plain and scathing words is on a roll, yet that didn’t stop a mob of protestors from following him to his car.


A brief look at exactly what we’re talking about here — what are they protesting?

A girl says one time, at a high school get-together, some dude briefly held her down on a bed and groped her, with his hand over her mouth.

That’s a serious offense. For a 15-year-old girl, such an incident could absolutely conjure the wrath of a brother, friend, boyfriend, or father. And it could end with the sound of a snapping teenage bone or the mess of a whole lot of adolescent noseblood.

But for some reason, the girl kept it to herself. One morning, 36 years later, she decided to give it to the world.

And at some point not too terribly long ago, she decided she thinks she knows who the guy was.

Or, at least, that’s her claim, benefitted by over $700,000 in payment from Democrats.

Thus, here we are. Should a dude who could do that at 17 years old be able to become a 53-year-old Supreme Court justice?

All things being equal, the relevance of that question has a 50% rating. Also a 50%-rated question: Should a 53-year-old man who’s been accused of doing something he never did be confirmed as a Supreme Court justice?

Lindsey leans toward Question #2. And he’s sick of Question #1.

Some hysterical Democrats, however, are so favorable to Question #1 that they’ve taken to Washington to yell a lot and get arrested.


As reported by man-on-the-scene Benny Johnsoan of The Daily Caller, when some of them harassed Lindsey while he was walking to his car, calling him “despicable” and shouting that he should be booted from his congressional seat, courtesy of their pull of the lever, he welcomed his new constituents:

“Please move to South Carolina. I hope you come. You’d be welcome in South Carolina.”

What am I loving about Lindsey Graham? The guy isn’t responsive to pressure from the Left. He doesn’t care. You’re protesting? Grow up. You don’t like something? Tough. You wanna put him out of office? Welcome to South Carolina. He’s in town to fight for what he believes. And he isn’t backing down. He won’t be intimidated. If only we had more people in Washington who stood their ground — ground worth occupying. In this era of nutty activists, politicians mustn’t be swayed by the fringe. And speaking of:

The mob — including a woman with a pink, vagina-shaped phone case — surrounded his car, accusing him of being the most vile and monstrous evil the planet has ever, ever, ever known:

“You old, white, privileged patriarchy!”

Oddly, they, too, were old, white, privileged Americans.


What kind of a guy ends up being with a woman whose phone is encased in a vagina, who rages against men, who accuses them of being exactly what she is (minus her vagina), all in the name of a wholly unsupported claim? I’d love to interview Mr. Her.

In the meantime, Lindsey’s like a gunslinger walking through Dodge, ready to fire back with a refusal to cave to the pressure of rallying red-in-the-face radicals. “Believe your daughters, believe your mother, believe your sisters!” a woman shouted. How about believe your sons, dad, and brothers, too? Or we could simply forget all that, and just believe evidence.

But maybe that’s too patriarchal.

And privileged. Indeed, it is.


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