Ford Source Says Kavanaugh Calendar Date Wasn't the Night (Plus: 1982, Rick Springfield, & Insanity)

If you’ve been watching the news — particularly the version otherwise known as the Democratic Party — you’ve probably heard of the calendar entry Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh made on July 1, 1982, which could possibly clarify some things concerning the accusations of one Christine Blasey Ford.


By the way: who saves their old calendars? Is this a thing?

On Brett’s calendar, for the 1st, in blue ink, we see “Tobin’s House – Workout, Go to Timmy’s for Skis w/ Judge, Tom, PJ, Bernie, Squi.” Those references would include Mark Judge, Patrick Smyth and Chris “Squi” Garrett.

Incidentally, this could’ve been a calendar entry in 1982:

Go to Zayre, buy new record Thriller; don’t buy Tylenol (it’ll kill me); ask my friend Jim’s dad more about what he was talking about at church — that new Disney park called Epcop or something, that he read about in the paper; buy some gas for 91 cents a gallon; try to tape “Eye of the Tiger,” “Centerfold,” “Who Can It Be Now,” “Maneater,” and “Don’t Talk to Strangers” off the radio.

According to Dr. Ford, Brett Kavanaugh not only talked to strangers; he groped them.

But Thursday, a member of the Ford legal team explained to Politico the psychologist never considered July 1st as a possible date for the alleged interaction.


During testimony last week, Brett said any shindig like the one Christine described would’ve been marked on his calendar, because he registered everything back then — and boy, did he. I’ve never seen a teenage calendar like his.

Nevertheless, the source said Ford — who wasn’t interviewed by the FBI — woulda set the record straight:

“(She) would have told them that she never considered July 1 as a possible date, because of some of the people listed on his calendar who she knew well and would have remembered. She would have also told the FBI that it was just a regular summer night for everyone else who was there. There would have been no reason for them to remember it.”

In its recent investigation, the Bureau interviewed nine people connected to accusations by Ford as well as Deborah Ramirez, who claims Brett took out Mr. Winky at a college party.

Given that I cover current events, I never know what I’ll be writing about next. But I must say, I’m particularly surprised by recent topics–

Wholly unsubstantiated, never-before-made allegations that a guy showed his you-know-what in college, and that a 15-year-old grabbed a girl and tried to get all sexy-time with her — neither of which are examples of good behavior, and both of which could very rightfully and easily (especially where I come from) result in a very, very, very hard punch to the face — 36-years-after-the-fact have Capitol Hill swamped with people shouting as if an order has just been given to blow up the planet.


Gonna have to mark my calendar today: “Insanity in America.”


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