Christine Ford, Anita Hill, & a Culture of Misinformation, Courtesy of the American Left



Social media abounds with #IBelieveHer. Something tells me Christine Blasey Ford — Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser — has made history. In the embrace of the left side of the aisle, she is being enshrined as a survivor of Kavanaugh’s evil, whether he is guilty or not. A simple look back tells me that’s a permanent preservation.


I have a friend who mostly only knows what she sees on CNN or hears on NPR. If you asked her to describe the political landscape, she’d paint a picture far different than any world viewable from the precipice of RedState.

She recently sent me a message, asking how I could still support Trump. To be clear, I didn’t say I support him, per se; I only told her I support the presidency. Nevertheless, she dispatched a bulleted challenge.

One of her questions: how could I endorse a man who ridiculed a mentally disabled man?

The answer, of course, is “I don’t.” Because he didn’t.

A run down her list of indignant queries reveals a notable consistency: virtually nothing is accurate; nothing is true.

Such is the case for many living in the bubble of American leftism. They eat, sleep, and breathe in an alternate universe, thanks to multilayered ignorance.

This is how the war-ready Left operates: take each actuality, and contort it (see my coverage of a few examples here and here).

If you distort every fact by 20%, you end up with 1000 truths which are not, and a world wholly different than the one in which we actually live.

Case in point: the historic place of Anita Hill.

During Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas’s 1991 hearings, the Democrats brought in Hill to accuse Thomas of inappropriate sexual conversation when she worked beneath him years earlier, for the U.S. Department of Education and then the EEOC.

No proof of any wrongdoing was ever found, and Thomas ascended to the high court.


However, Democrats in and out of the media decided they would simply write their own reality; despite no verification of Hill’s story, after the hearings, those on the Left continued to refer to Clarence Thomas as a posterchild for sexual harassment. Talk shows, television shows, movies — across various outlets, liberals educated generations on the history of sexual impropriety with an asserted fabrication: Thomas was guilty, and Hill was a confirmed victim (please see here).

Ask a 35-year-old who Clarence Thomas is. If they can tell you anything, they’ll likely say he’s a creep.

Fighting the fight on behalf of misinformation today is HBO. Surely in honor of the Kavanaugh hearings — in which, like Thomas, a man is being accused of misdeeds for which there is no evidence — the premium cable channel’s streaming service presently features a collection called “One Nation, Understood: Women’s Rights — Women Stand Up — and Speak Out.”

The programming includes I Am Evidence, about rape survivors whose cases have not been sufficiently pursued; Abortion: Stories Women Tell; and — finally —Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Anita Hill on Workplace Sexual Harassment.”

Why has Hill ever, at any point, been spotlighted in any way regarding sexual harassment? How is it she’s ever been asked to speak on a topic about which there is no reason to assume she has knowledge of particular understanding? There isn’t. Her perpetual presence is part of a lie the Left have been telling for almost thirty years.


What would happen if I, today, claimed Hillary Clinton drove her car into mine? What if there was never any evidence it had happened? In 2045, what would be the odds that MSNBC would welcome me as featured guest on a Victims of Bad Drivers panel? Yet, that is the life of Anita HIll.

And the life of lies among the Left.

And the life of my friend, lived in a world she worries over, that has never actually existed.

It’s been said that a lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth gets on its boots. You can call them the Left, because they’ve left — they’re traveling around the world.


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