Kellyanne Conway Supporting Kavanaugh on CNN: 'I'm a Victim of Sexual Assault'



While defending Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union, Kellyanne Conway delivered a rather startling revelation: she is a victim of sexual assault.


“I feel very empathetic for victims of sexual assault, sexual harassment and rape. I’m a victim of sexual assault.”

As we saw in the video of Jeff Flake’s elevator attack (covered here), some Democrats charge that supporting Kavanaugh means victims don’t matter, despite a complete lack of evidence that Kavanaugh committed any wrongdoing. It’s nice to see a victim voice a “me too” coupled with critical thinking (as I wrote about here):

“I don’t expect Judge Kavanaugh, or Jake Tapper, or Jeff Flake, or anybody to be held responsible for that. You have to be responsible for your own conduct.”

Conway explained why she decided to reveal something so personal:

“I’ve just had it. … Let’s not compare Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby, and a few others, to what’s happened here. If we’re going to have a national conversation, stop judging the victims and perpetrators according to their politics.”

Exactly. MSNBC allowed just such a comparison last week (shown here).

She noted that the Kavanaugh hearings aren’t a “meeting of the #MeToo movement.” (Precisely — as described here, some have accused Democrats of “weaponizing” the movement for political gain.)


Kellyane also pointed out the political hypocrisy of the Kavanaugh debate:

“You have Senate Judiciary Committee members who refused to remove Bill Clinton from office after he received oral sex in the Oval Office, and lied about it to a grand jury as president of the United States. The hypocrisy is ridiculous.”

Anticipating Trump fallout due to her coming out as a victim of sexual assault, Kellyanne told the waiting trolls to sit on a tack:

“People on Twitter and elsewhere are saying right now, ‘Oh how can she work for Donald Trump?’ I work for President Trump because he’s so good to the women who work for him. I don’t want to hear it from anybody.”

It seems that nearly all those who have cited #MeToo as victims have been outspoken Democrats. Perhaps it would do the world some good to hear from Republican victims, thereby rendering the hashtag relatively politically innocuous.

When movements proclaiming decency as their foundation are utilized only by the Left, it sends a wrong message. Kellyanne can be commended for adding her voice on CNN, even though it’s unlikely to radically change the State of the Union.



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