The Kavanaugh Explosion and the Supreme Dangers of Step Stupid



As I consider the Brett Kavanaugh explosion of the last several days, I imagine the Big Bang — a combustion which sent into existence innumerable components of reality — in this case, creating a universe of idiocy.


And among the stellar stupidity, the thing I understand least is the missing first step of critical thinking.

Scenario: someone claims someone did something.


Here’s what normal brains do: they ask, “Is the person’s claim accurate?”

“Is it true?”

That’d be the first thing to find out, Elevator Women (see here).

People on social media.

People who love to make signs.

TV pundits.


That’d be the first thing.

Nancy Pelosi isn’t going to engage in critical thinking; neither is Dianne Feinstein. Or any congressional Democrat. They didn’t get into the game of money and power in order to think. They got in to gain money and power. By any means necessary (shown here and especially here).

Maxine Waters has no reason to care whether Brett Kavanaugh is innocent; she wants her party to be empowered, which empowers her. Justice, schmustice. This is her career.

I get that.

Those on the Left in Washington are engaged in a battle where at no point on the field need there be any thought of integrity. There is only victory and defeat.

But what of the citizenry? What of all the people who don’t occupy a legislative seat?

What is wrong with their brains?

How do they hear of a claim, and skip the first step?


This is how it should go:

Claim — “Someone did something to me.”

First step: find out if it’s true.

If the first step cannot provide a conclusion of certainty, then the process is over. The end. Nothing more to say.

If, by contrast, Step 1 undeniably leads to “The claim is true,” then you move to Step 2: pursue justice, by way of protecting the victim and holding accountable the culprit.

If Step 1 results surely in “The claim is false,” then you move to Step 2: pursue justice, by way of protecting the accused and holding accountable the false accuser.

Yesterday, women accosted Sen. Jeff Flake in an elevator, due to the fact that they skipped the First Step. Their brains processed a claim, and then went straight to Step Stupid: rage as if it is true.

Why is this? What has happened to us? Our schools teach safe sex, gay pride and transgender pronouns; but not Logic, which is a true life skill.

Step Stupid is a dangerous step. To quote Young Guns, it is an angry mob, indeed.

And like youthful gunslingers, the left-wing populace is trigger-happy on rash and baseless deduction.

Step Stupid leads to what you see on CNN and MSNBC. It leads to Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto, moved to heartbreak over an irrational conclusion.


Look at the protests: Step Stupid.

Look at — forgive me…I must get myself together here — Alyssa Milano: Step Stupid (here).

Twitter users: Step Stupid.

Corporations: Step Stupid.

Hollywood: Step Stupid (here).

Talk Show hosts: Step Stupid (here).

Presently, it seems, the entirety of the Left: Step Stupid.

And not just about Kavanaugh.

Colin Kaepernick, once upon a time, heard a claim — someone said police were epidemically targeting black people, murdering them merely because of the color of their skin.

A normal thought process would’ve engaged Step 1. Statistics would’ve quickly resulted in Step 2: the claim is false.

But instead: Step Stupid.

More players: Step Stupid.

The NFL: Step Stupid.

The media: Step Stupid.

Nike: Step Stupid (here).

Your cousin: Step Stupid.

My friend: Step Stupid.

Our coworkers (well, not mine): Step Stupid.

Why can’t those who vote Democrat take that first and beautiful step of authenticating claims? On the President’s alleged ridicule of a handicapped person. On the effects of tax cuts. On the origination of family separation at the border. On the actuality of Clarence Thomas’s harassment of Anita Hill. Of whether Donald Trump said men should assault women. Of how Donald’s international policies compare to Barack’s. On the definition of bigotry. On the real-world effects of socialism. Where is Step 1?


We are living in dangerous times. Surrounded by Step Stupid.

How do we reach the brains that are so opposed to the First Step?

The world gives us much to traverse. A lot to avoid. A great deal to evade.

These days, the Left are not walking wisely.

When it comes to Stupid, they’re Stepping in it.


Thank you for reading! What do you make of my article? Also: what are your thoughts on Young Guns and Young Guns II? Please, please sound off in the Comments section below. 

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