Stuffed to the Gills with Corruption: Chuck Schumer Refutes Kavanaugh's Presumed Innocence



The Left continues to grill Kavanaugh on television and in social media, presenting the situation as they always do: anyone conservative is guilty from Day One.


If a liberal is alleged to have committed misdeeds, their accuser should be vetted; cool heads should prevail; it’s probably some alt-right attack. If anyone on the Right is implicated, however, string them up by their thumbs! This is not the time to remain silent! Protest! Chant! This is the defining issue of our time!

Presto-change-o: the accused — no matter how flimsily — is now the famed point of reference for that crime.

Clarence Thomas: icon of sexual harassment (please see here).
Brett Kavanaugh: posterchild for sexual deviancy.
And forever it shall be.

MSNBC is already lumping Kavanaugh in with Cosby (shown here).
Political pundit Ace Ventura is saluting Kavanaugh’s dark arts of hooded rape (covered here).

“Guilty unless proven innocent” is the fish of the day.

And it stinks.

Feast your eyes on fishy Chuck Schumer — the largemouth congressman opened up on Kavanaugh at a press conference, where he stated there will be “no presumption of innocence” in the case:

“[The presumption of innocence] is a criminal trial. … There’s no presumption of innocence or guilt when you have a nominee before you. It’s not a legal proceeding, it’s a fact-finding proceeding.”

The scaly senator made clear he’s not much for the scales of Article 23 justice:

“We do this with every major nominee. … When new information comes up, the FBI comes again and does its background check. We ought to get to the bottom and find the facts in the way the FBI has always done. This is not a criminal trial, this is to find the facts.”


“Not a criminal trial,” therefore, no obligation of presumed innocence.

Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono has taken a similarly stinky position, telling the New York Times she already believes Christine Blasey Ford, and denying innocence until proven guilt on CNN’s State of the Union.

Speaking of Hawaii, both Schumer and Hirono are showing precisely what kind of fish they are — they’re native to the coastal waters of the Islands, about 12 inches in maxium length; they’re called Aholeholes. Or, for short, just Aholes.


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