Michael Avenatti Touts Earth-Shattering Kavanaugh Accusation to Rachel Maddow, Backs Off on Twitter



As covered by RedState’s streiff Sunday night, former Stormy Daniels attorney Michael Avenatti has claimed a third accuser of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is on their way to the spotlight from stage Left.


Sounds legitimate — who’s more credible than an attention-crazed lawyer for a litigating porn star?

Avenatti teased his latest production Sunday, courtesy of Twitter:

“I represent a woman with credible information regarding Judge Kavanaugh and Mark Judge. We will be demanding the opportunity to present testimony to the committee and will likewise be demanding that [accused co-conspirator in the Christine Blasey Ford case Mark Judge] and others be subpoenaed to testify. The nomination must be withdrawn.”

Monday morning, the media glutton decided to make himself look far goofier by way of a “warning”:

“Warning: My client re Kavanaugh has previously done work within the State Dept, U.S. Mint, & DOJ. She has been granted multiple security clearances in the past including Public Trust & Secret. The GOP and others better be very careful in trying to suggest that she is not credible”

You’ve all been warned!

Later in the evening, Avenatti appeared on MSNBC to give host Rachel Maddow the 411 on the latest addition to the circus created by shameless Democrats, which has made the United States Supreme Court confirmation process — and the country’s political system, in general — look as if it’s run by clowns.

Mikey clowned it up on the left-wing network, praising the earth-shattering pitch he’s about to deliver from the mound of continued left-wing idiocy:

“[I]’m representing one client who I can describe as a witness and victim, as well as additional corroborating witnesses to what she is going to allege publicly within the next 48 hours. As it relates to her particular allegations, we’re not going to provide additional information beyond that which is contained within the emails that I exchanged with the Senate Judiciary Committee.”


A third accuser!

Then things really got juicy:

“But let me say this: this woman, when she does surface, will be found to be 100% credible by the American public.”

What kind of nonsense is that? Could there ever be any accuser who’s found “100% credible” by the citizenry?? In AvenattiLand, apparently, it’s a distinct possibility. Because:

“I would not be representing her if I did not believe her. And if anyone has been paying attention over the last 6 months, they know that I do not traffic in nonsense or rumor.”

Please refer to my last paragraph. If anyone has been paying attention.

In Michael’s eyes, he’s above the fray of common slimy attorney nitwittery:

“I utilize facts and evidence. And this woman will prove to be credible, and she is believable, and we are hopeful that the committee will launch an FBI investigation forthwith.”

Again, with the FBI. Why would the FBI involve itself in such a matter?

With regard to Christine Blasey Ford’s charges against Kavanaugh, a DoJ spokesperson told Fox News that investigation into such claims is outside the purview of the Bureau:

“[FBI background investigations are performed to] determine whether the nominee could pose a risk to the national security of the United States. … The FBI does not make any judgement about the credibility or significance of any allegation.”

Additionally, Avenatti said his client would take a lie detector test:


“We have also asked that she be permitted to take a polygraph examination, which she has agreed to do, provided that Brett Kavanaugh does the same.”

Oh boy.

As for purported sexual-groping-high-school-cohort-from-36-years-ago Mark Judge:

“[I] will say this: we have demanded that Mark Judge be subpoenaed to testify before the committee in public so that the American people can hear Mark Judge answer questions about his close friend, Brett Kavanaugh. So far, those requests have fallen on deaf ears. For some reason, Chairman Grassley and others do not want the American people to hear from Mark Judge; for some reason, Brett Kavanaugh does not want the American people to hear from his close friend, Mark Judge. And I think that should tell people everything they need to know about Mark Judge and what he may say.”

If it tells the American people everything they need to know, then how about you just stop, Big Mike? Everyone already knows everything. You can go home now.

He hasn’t stopped, but he does seem to have slowed. Avenatti cooled his jets a little, early Tuesday morning:

“Let me be clear: We will disclose the client’s name and accusations only when SHE is ready and we have adequate security measures in place. And not a moment before that. It is her choice and hers alone as to when to surface bc it is her life. We expect it within the next 36 hrs.”

And the droning saga continues.

The camera hog’s — I mean, the esteemed attorney’s — ridiculous place in the culture at the moment feels similar to his description of Kavanaugh’s guilt to Rachel Maddow:


“[I]t’s not about one specific allegation. It’s a series of allegations. This a patten of behavior…that took place across many months and many years.”

It feels like the same can be said of Michael Avenatti, on allegations of utter annoying goofiness.

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