Jim Carrey Slams Brett Kavanaugh

Hollywood: Palm trees. Sunshine. Politics.

To me, Jim Carrey is a comic genius.

The actor brought a fresh, elastic energy to television sketch comedy in the 1990’s, making a name for himself on In Living Color with unhinged characters such as Fire Marshal Bill. As Ace Ventura, Carrey struck gold on the silver screen, turning a low-paying (by Hollywood standards) opportunity into a ticket to cinematic stardom. Dumb & Dumber killed at the box office, and Jim was christened a verified movie star.


His career path is now long and storied.

I guess at some point, some actors wannan be known for something more.

And I guess politics is it, baby!

Unfortunately, politically pontificating generally means alienating one side of the audience. But I suppose to some, it’s A-okay.

Jim’s latest remark on Republicans: a comment on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, via visual art,

The former Bush White House staff secretary hasn’t been shown to have committed any wrongdoing, despite two women claiming he engaged in sexual mischief — one episode each, in high school and college, over three decades ago.

Nevertheless, where condemning Kavanaugh’s concerned, many in Tinseltown are on the ball.

Consider Jim’s September 24th tweet:

“Colleges care more about donors than the victims of on-campus rape. That’s why women don’t report it and why ENTITLED LITTLE SHITS like Injustice Kavanaugh get to party and pillage their way to the Supreme Court.I’d like to suggest a new uniform for the highest court in the land.”



In a recent installment of Real Time with Bill Maher, the actor had something great to say:

“[I]f anything — if anything, we’ve got to get back to a place where we realize that a vote is not who you are. And because you voted Republican, you’re not stupid, you’re not different, you’re not worthless. You know? I could break bread with anybody who voted for Trump. We could find some common ground to love each other.”

I guess that didn’t include Brett Kavanaugh.

I’ll still give credit where credit is due. Hollywood — heck, all of us at times in our lives — could use a pointed directive he gave on Maher’s show:


“Just stop doing stupid sh*t.”

Sounds about right.

If only everyone agreed on what qualifies.



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