Holy Mackerel: John Kennedy Says Dems are Desperate & Digging with Hail-Mary Kavanaugh Letter



Louisiana Republican Sen. John Kennedy appeared on Fox News Sunday to lay into Dianne Feinstein.

The California Democrat has pointed to a letter, implicating Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in sexual misbehavior.


According to the note — which was initially given to California Rep. Anna Eshoo — an incident occurred between Brett and a girl while they were both in high school.

However, Kennedy believes the whole thing smells as fishy as a midwater trawler returning to the docks. Feinstein purportedly received the letter in July; so why only now is she speaking up?

“Nothing. Zero. Nada. Zilch. She didn’t say anything in the confirmation hearings. She didn’t say anything in our confidential session with Judge Kavanaugh. … And now after it’s all over, she produces the letter. … They’ve had this stuff for three months. … If they were serious about it, they should’ve told us about it.”

In addition to the scent of tuna and mackerel, Kennedy thinks the political attempt reeks of desperation. The public does, too, in his estimation:

“[Americans think] that Congress has hit rock bottom and started to dig.”

You can almost hear the sound of the shovel hitting dirt, as Feinstein has thus far refused to entertain questions about the contents of the letter. A spokesperson for Dianne reported Friday that Kavanaugh’s accuser “did not want this information to be public”:

“The senator took these allegations seriously and believed they should be public. However, the woman in question made it clear she did not want this information to be public. It is critical in matters of sexual misconduct to protect the identity of the victim when they wish to remain anonymous, and the senator did so in this case.”


To borrow a term from a southern preacher I once heard, Brett says the whole thing is hogwash.

Dems in the Senate have passed the issue to the FBI; Kavanaugh has denied any wrongdoing, “categorically and unequivocally.”

Kennedy told host Chris Wallace he has no idea what the GOP’s political adversaries plan to do with the letter:

“This new allegation, I don’t know what our Democratic friends expect us to do. What do they want us to do? We got a letter, but it’s secret. We don’t know who wrote it.”


Kennedy’s fed up with the circus of the Senate hearings. Expressing his frustration, he called upon verbiage that made me jealous:

“I’m fairly confident that our founding fathers did not intend the process to work this way. So far, it’s pretty much been an intergalactic freak show. Sen. Grassley, our chairman, did the best he could at the hearing. Senators kept interrupting him, they ignored the rules, we had over 240 protestors who stood up screaming.”

Excuse the Mark Twain maneuver, but I prefer quoting the next (and fantastic) line with Mississippi-born Kennedy’s affectation:

“The only thang missing, I thank, was the genitalia-shaped headgear.”



“There were wild accusations about Kavanaugh — that he’s evil, that he hates children, that he hates little warm puppies. And now, we have this recent allegation by Sen. Feinstein. Here’s what we know: she’s produced a letter — it’s a secret letter, and we’re not entitled to see it or to know who wrote it. It supposedly was put together with the help of Stanford Law School.”


Now check out the ridiculousness of the charge:

“The lady in the letter says that, 35 years ago, when she was a teenager and Judge Kavanaugh was a teenager, he allegedly made sexual advances against her at a party.”

That’s an accusation????

Quite the shoveling, Democrats.

I think John Kennedy is right:

“No fair-minded American can believe that he’s not qualified.”

Anyone who says differently, I thank, is full of hogwash.



Thank you for reading! What do you thank? Ever heard of hogwash? Any alternatives? Let us all know in the Comments section below.

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