Michael Moore: Donald Trump May Be the Last President of the United States



Michael Moore isn’t known for his accuracy.

The filmmaker who tried to sock it to George W. Bush by way of Fahrenheit 9/11 is back with Fahrenheit 11/9. The numerical change reflects the day Donald Trump was declared victor over Hillary Rodham Clinton, November 9th, 2016.


On Wednesday, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes interviewed Moore to discuss his new project, the trailer for which ends with a photo of President Trump accompanied by a ridiculous voiceover:

“Ladies and gentleman, the last President of the United States.”

Yes — it’s that dumb.

During the sit-down, Hayes asked the propagandist if he really believed Trump might be the final POTUS, and the answer came in the affirmative:

“I think it’s possible, absolutely. I think that we have someone in the White House who has no respect for the rule of law, who dislikes democracy by an incredible degree, which doesn’t make him really any that much different from other billionaires or CEOs, because their businesses are not democracies, they rule by fiat … It’s more dangerous with [Trump] because he has a complete lack of ideology.”

Let me get this straight: Donald Trump hates law; he hates democracy; he believes in rule by fiat; and at the same time, he has no ideology? That philosophy sounds as clearly cemented as Moore’s credo, which is apparently ensconced in an any-and-all-situations indignation against Republicans, following the left-wing rule of perpetual escalation of outrage.

Speaking of, Hayes inquired:

“What’s different now? You thought the Bush administration was ushering in the end of democracy. Is it worse now? Is there something novel and distinct about [Trump] compared to the Bush years?”

Michael noted that Bush “believed in something,” even if he was wrong.


The President seems to believe in plenty of things; he regularly tweets them to the world, to the consternation of those on Moore’s side of the aisle. In fact, Michael should know this well, given that he’s heavily battled Donald on the platform. For one of many examples:

Furthermore, the Trump administration’s implementation of policy has been reflective of a remarkably conservative ideology.

To its finer points, what is Michael Moore’s ideology? Is it that of a leftist, as applied to himself? He attacks capitalism — the free-market framework within which one may own one’s own business — as a crusade, even as he owns his own business. He attacks the wealthy, even as he sits on $50 million. He wars against the evils of profit; yet, in 2004, he filed a lawsuit over Fahrenheit 9/11, demanding an additional $2.7 million in profits to be added to his $20 million take.

Donald Trump will not be the last President of the United States. And Fahrenheit 11/9 will most likely not be the last documentary to make Michael Moore’s anti-wealth pockets fatter. But I wish it was — I wish it was the last time he exhibited himself as something he isn’t; I wish it was the last time he presented the facts as something they aren’t. And I wish it was the last time he asserted something as ludicrous as Donald Trump ending America’s system as we know it. A system which, by the way, has made Michael Moore a monumentally rich capitalist. And a Hypocrite, with a capital H.




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