Alyssa Milano, Ninja: An Ode to Weasels & Chicken Hawks, and the Tired Rhetoric of Evil Intentions




The neverending “I know you are, but what am I.”

The eternal “Who’s on First.”

Who is on first? And what are you?


No political debate can be worth having, if one side refuses to accurately recognize the intention of the other.

A random example: I recall years ago, during the most intense phase of the fight over gay rights, when those on the Left sported bumper stickers protesting, “Hate is not a family value.”

The problem with that slogan was the fact that no one had ever said hate was a family value.

Hence, for all those on the targeted side, the sticker didn’t mean anything. Because it applied to no one.

What’s the point of rhetoric that addresses things which don’t exist?

When that’s a key component of the contentious conversation, the idealogical sphere becomes a barnyard of chicken hawks strutting; black birds crowing; and very goofy people denouncing and announcing, meaninglessly.

It happens…on both sides.

In the ever-escalating game of aforementioned nonsense, if the straw-man-maneuvered suggestions of position or intent can be compared to shadowy missions of stealthy combat, at the moment, some on the Left are black-outfitted ninjas, complete with cool wrapped footwear and eyes-only head coverings and 80’s driving gloves and panther posturing.

But put them in broad daylight, in the middle of a golf course.

Not so suave now.

Which leads me to a recent incident involving Alyssa Milano.

I just wrote of Alyssa, a mere two days ago, concerning her announcement of a pilgrimage to tackle the complex issues of immigration (please visit here.) As part of her journey, on Wednesday, the actress posted to Twitter realizations for the consumption of the 3.33-million-follower masses.


First, a denouncement of detained children — an opening statement with which you can agree. This massages you into an emotional, receptive state for what will come afterward:

“Children do not belong behind bars. Replacing family separation with family incarceration will only subject children to more trauma and abuse.”

It seems reasonable that children being detained with their parents — what has, indeed, thanks to President Trump, replaced family separation (which was the result of the actions of Democrats, including Bill Clinton, a Democratically-controlled Congress, and a left-wing court, as outlined here) — might be a bit traumatizing.

However, it’s surely not nearly as distressing as the harshness those kids endured while trekking from Mexico into the U.S. illegally. And that treacherous expedition, including the breaking of laws which resulted in their detention, was the choice of their parents — not anyone in the American government.

Anyway, the ball’s teed. Up to the plate: A. Milano:

“Eliminating the Flores Settlement is an attempt to end court oversight of the administration’s treatment of immigration children and prevent independent monitoring of the detention facilities.”


Now we’re getting somewhere: the evil intention of the Republican White House. What does it wish to do? It aims to remove any regulation preventing the sinister GOP from treating children monstrously. And how do we know that? We just do. What’s the evidence? Well:

And then:

“This attempt by the administration to manipulate the rules is nothing more than a ploy to further abuse and traumatize immigrant children and violate their human rights. #FamiliesBelongTogetherANDFree”

Aaaand there ya go: Donald Trump is sitting in the White House, hands clasped together, laughing like a weasel. Just like this:

And he’s just exploding with giddiness, thinking of the success of his “ploy.” He’s madly drooling, dreaming of the impending further abuse and trauma he’ll be able to heap upon Mexican children, in violation of their human rights.


And hate is not a family value.

And you can’t see the black-cloaked warriors and their throwing stars, hanging out at the 9th hole.

Stealth, ladies and gentleman. Courtesy of Alyssa Milano — the (I believe) well-intentioned actress who’s trying to help the world. Who protests gun rights while being protected by armed guards. And who champions #MeToo from the home office of this Twitter profile photo:

And who I truly do like.

I just wish she’d stay out of the barnyard. Because her antics make it seem as if she belongs on the funny farm.


Thank you for reading! What do you think about Alyssa’s tweets, and my thoughts on intent and attempted political stealthiness? Please sound off in the Comments section below.

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