When Hollywood is Sane: James Woods Schools Senator Dick Durbin in Chicago Crime Dust-up



It’s so refreshing when someone from Hollywood speaks up in a way that isn’t insane.

We’re that easy — just don’t be out of your minds, Hollywood. That’s all we ask. Just do that, and we’re blown away.


And someone who’s been knocking our socks off for quite a while is legendary actor James Woods. The star of such movies as Casino, True Crime, Once Upon a Time in America, and Nixon, Woods has the kind of Tinseltown cache that empowers him to speak his mind without fear of anti-conservative repercussions.

Or maybe he just doesn’t care.

JW opened wide his Republican mouth recently, in response to Democratic Illinois Senator Dick Durbin’s comments about violence in the Windy City.

On Wednesday, 19-year-old Delmonte Johnson was fatally shot in the chest while standing in front of a store on Chicago’s South Side. The drive-by violence was particularly poignant, given Johnson’s involvement with an organization called GoodKids MadCity.

On the official Facebook page, the group describes itself thusly:

“We are the Black and Brown young people united in fighting to end violence in our cities. We call for more resources to underserved communities.”

Putting aside the notion of a club identifying itself according to racial exclusivity, that sounds good, right? They’re uniting to end violence. Who could disagree?

However, a New York Times interview with the group’s co-founder reveals something profoundly different than a stance against “violence”:

“‘We have been screaming for gun control for the longest time,’ says Carlil Pittman, a friend of Mr. Johnson’s who co-founded GoodKids MadCity. ‘But it’s not until it hits other communities that people pay attention. And then they respond with harsher laws that criminalize black and brown kids.'”


That ain’t just tryin’ to end violence.

In response to the tragedy of Johnson’s death, Senator Durbin called on Republicans to fight the power of legal firepower:

“This is heartbreaking. Chicago has lost far too many aspiring young people to senseless gun violence. When will Republicans in Congress finally decide to act?”

Cue James Woods, Twitter assassin:

“Dear Nimrod, #Chicago has been ruled by #Democrats for 87 years. It has the strictest gun control laws in America. Stop talking. You are an embarrassment.”


And it didn’t stop there. Woods saw Durbin’s concern and raised him common sense and some laid-out hard facts. Then he brought it full circle, to the tune of the congressman’s clownification:

“Children are murdered by the dozens on a regular basis and this disgusting clown has no plan but this…”


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how it’s done.


Want more of James Woods? I highly recommend a viewing of Casino. What’s your favorite Woods movie? And what do you think of this exchange about violence in Democratic-controlled Chicago? Sound off in the Comments section below.

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