World-Changer Alyssa Milano Saves Immigration and Is Three Steps Away from Outlawing Height



Great news, everyone! Ever wonder about all the complexities of America’s immigration system? Feel intimidated by the potentially sophisticated mess of information you may be greeted with upon any attempt at dedicated study?


Well, you’re in luck. Someone has devoted themself on your behalf to learn all there’s needed to know about the subject.

That’s right — world-changer child actress Alyssa Milano made the important announcement on her Twitter account Monday:

“Today, I will start a 3 day journey with @verainstitute to dive deeper into the immigration policies of our country. I’ll interview immigration attorneys and their clients. I will visit courts and detention centers -culminating in a trip to the border on Wed. #SAFE.”


She’s on the move!

And why is she doing this? Presumably, because someone has to. And if we had to pick, we’d choose a person who’s paid an average year’s salary per week to stand on a taped X and speak someone else’s words while a light shines on their head. That is the policy genius we’re all hoping will master the difficult issues. And maranatha — it’ll only take her three days!


If you’re wondering what the Vera Institute is, a Thursday tweet by the organization reported the following:

“JUST IN: Following a summer of attacks against our immigrant communities, DOJ has released new analysis of Legal Orientation Program (LOP) calling its efficacy into question. But its efficacy is clear. LOP helps 50,000+ people gain access to legal information annually.”

Allow me to translate–

“JUST IN: Following a summer of attacks, not on immigrant communities in any remote way but, rather, on the mass of people who are citizens of other countries and committing the crime of unlawfully sneaking into the United States … actually, let’s start that over … Following a summer of punishing foreigners for committing immigration crime … hold on … one more time … Following a summer of America enforcing its laws — there! — the Department of Justice has released new analysis of the Legal Orientation Program (LOP), questioning its effectiveness.”


Also, as per the site, “The Legal Orientation Program (LOP) educates detained immigrants (read: not immigrants; citizens of other countries who have sneaked into the U.S.) about their rights and the immigration court process so that they can make informed decisions about their legal cases.”

Either way, none of this will matter anymore; Alyssa Milano’s on it.

Truthfully, though, I’m not sure she’ll have much time to make a difference — she’s also using her sociopolitical astuteness to take guns away from all Americans because some citizens want to shoot themselves:

“In 2016, the nearly 23,000 suicides by gun accounted for about twice as many deaths from suicide by suffocation, three times by poisoning, and twenty times more than intentional falls. #NoRA #WorldSuicidePreventionDay.”

Note: #NoRA.

So instead of changing mental health laws to keep sick people from getting guns, Milano wants to change gun laws because some people are sick. Evidently, there should be no 2nd Amendment rights, due to 23,000 people killing themselves.


It seems a little more than curious that Alyssa cares about stopping the 23,000, yet — if her stats are correct — she lacks the compassion to ban plastic bags and pillows to halt 12,500 annual self-annihilations from suffocation.

Nor does she want to fight for the ascension of humanity by banning height. If only she had the fortitude, there would be no intentional falls.

Oh, well.

As expressed previously, I like Alyssa Milano (please see my coverage of her here, here, and here). “Like” may be an understatement. I believe she has a good heart and good intentions. In addition, unlike many in Hollywood, her political pursuits are generally accompanied by class and respect for those who disagree. And truly, one of the great things about our nation is that anyone can make a difference — even someone as unqualified as an actress.

But — I wish she would begin this process in the right place: one of unbiased information. If she truly wants to understand immigration, the last source she should consult is a group that dishonestly calls those who sneak into the country “immigrants.” She should read about the law. And understand that there is no crisis for actual immigrants — those who follow our systems in place to welcome new Americans to an unparalleled land of freedom. Of liberty. And justice — the justice that meets those who break our laws. And the liberty that compels legal immigration. A freedom which includes the right to bear arms; to own pillows and bags; and — if one so boldly chooses to dare — to expose oneself to the treacherous dangers of height.



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