No 'Fair Lady': Broadway Star Carole Cook Wishes for Murder of President Trump



Love! Valour! Compassion!

Those words were once synonymous with Broadway. Starring Nathan Lane, the 90’s bohemoth won the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Play and the Tony Award for Best play. The film version featured Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander.


Broadway seems to have wandered far from all three of those virtues since the advent of Donald Trump’s presidency, from the cast of Hamilton’s rude treatment of Vice President Mike Pence, to A Bronx Tale’s hypocritical reaction to a pro-Trump sign (please see here), to Robert De Niro’s jaw-dropping, standing-ovationed denigration of President Trump at the Tonys (covered here).

Add to that list New York theater legend Carole Cook’s recent comments about POTUS. While leaving West Hollywood restaurant Craig’s Sunday night, TMZ asked the actress her opinion of an incident four days earlier involving an audience member raising a banner during Broadway’s Frozen that read, “Trump 2020.” An onstage actor grabbed the sign and tossed it off to the side.

Cook’s response — which was apparently a prepared line — was quite somethin’:

“Where is John Wilkes Booth when you need him?”


Her husband clarified, “He killed presidents.”

The actress directed, “Don’t say that; they’ll get me for that.” Then she reiterated her point:

“Where is he when you need him?”

Someone off camera inquired, “So we need to kill President Trump?”

The star of stage and screen’s reply was stunning:

“Why not?”

“Will that get me in trouble?” she wondered. “Will I be on an enemies list? My God, I hope so.”


Pause with me — if you will — and imagine what would’ve occurred, had an entertainment personality made similar remarks about President Obama.

Take it all in. See it, hear it, experience it.

Since Cook’s statements regard Hitler/Darth Vader/Satan/Republican (those are listed in order of evil) Donald J. Trump, something tells me this’ll be the last you hear of the ordeal.

Is there any dastardly thing said of Trump that would bring condemnation from the mainstream media? It seems any tale of murder can be orated in the public sphere, so long as it’s spoken from stage Left.


Thank you for reading! Do you have an answer to my question above? If so, please provide it in the Comments section below.

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