Showdown: President Trump Does His Best Clint Eastwood in Response to Woodward's Tell-All



When Donald Trump ran for office, I thought he might be someone who could get things done. I liked the idea of a successful businessman busting Washington wide open and making major moves.


Presumably, an eccentric New York billionaire is used to pacing quickly. “Do it.” “Cut it loose.” “Yes, now.” No, never.”

D.C. is the polar opposite: for Congress, it’s the long game. A seat in the Senate or House is, if done right, a lifetime of power. Riches. A cruise through the waters of the status quo. There’s no rush; there’s only voter approval and tax payer money.

I’ve always favored the notion of an outsider coming in and picking up the tempo.

And Trump, I believe, has injected that kind of energy. He’s in place to move and shake, then move on to the next item at hand. His vivacity lends itself to getting done in one term more than is sometimes accomplished in two.

Of course, much of the President’s actions are weighted by a bureaucracy to which he’s unaccustomed, a rusty machine he campaigned on revolutionizing. Therein lies a major resistance.

And what a resistance it is.

Related to the conflict between brash firebrand Trump and many in Washington, Bob Woodward’s upcoming book, Fear: Trump in the White House, is making headlines for its portrayal of an ugly clash of administration attitudes. The exposé claims the President’s aides refer to him as a liar, idiot, and fifth-grader; and that Trump has previously labeled Attorney General Jeff Sessions “mentally retarded.”


However, both Chief of Staff John Kelly and Defense Secretary James Mattis have insisted they never uttered the insults Woodward has quoted.

On Wednesday, The Donald shot back with both barrels over Woodward’s characterization of conflict with the kind of New York attitude I, for one, appreciated from the beginning:

“Almost everyone agrees that my Administration has done more in less than two years than any other administration in the history of our Country. I’m tough as hell on people & if I weren’t, nothing would get done. Also, I question everybody & everything-which is why I got elected!”

“Tough as hell!”

Like this:

To me, we could use more of that, in such a world as this:

We’re not in Toxically Masculine America anymore, Toto.


But if we were, I’d still appreciate a guy who’s in the Oval Office to be demanding, who’s in there to be firm, and who’s there to get stuff done.

How about you?


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