Linda Sarsour Arrested at Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing



I have a vague memory of once being so tired that the room was spinning. I was standing behind the love seat in my home, in the middle of the floor…and the whole planet was rotating without me. I couldn’t decipher right from left, and I was certain I would end up nosing the carpet.


I was wholly disoriented, the world around me an oscillating blur.

That seems to be the state of the Left these days. They’re wholly confused in their picks of winners and losers, of rights and wrongs.

On one hand, they’re pro-women and anti-patriarchy. On the other, they preach that men can be women by simply stating it so.

John McCain is a racist; except when he opposed Donald Trump (please see here).

Abortion on demand is the greatest moral virtue; yet Republicans are evil because they’re against the children.

And in this time of room-spinning insanity, a credible leader of a “women’s march” is a woman who represents a religion which opposes the stated liberties for women that a women’s march supposedly promotes.

Related, hero Linda Sarsour was leftin’ it up at conservative Supreme Court nominee (and Democratic nightmare) Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate confirmation hearing Tuesday.

As par for the course, Sarsour stunk up the joint. When the proceedings began, she shouted at officials and demanded the meeting be adjourned. And she didn’t stop.

Smooth move.

Cut to multiple policemen, forcibly removing the radical and contradictory activist.

Some on the Left have asserted Kavanaugh will facilitate a reversal of Roe v Wade. Yet, according to Susan Collins, he has indicated he believes Roe to be settled law.

Furthermore, canceling Roe would merely leave the issue up to the individual states.


Please read more about the inanity over Kavanaugh here and here. Most notably, enjoy Hillary Clinton’s preposterous warning that his confirmation will take America back to the days of slavery.

As for Sarsour, this isn’t the first time she’s made a nut of herself: for one, she was arrested in March while demanding a meeting with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

Democrats have attempted a postponement of Kavanaugh’s hearing, in order to allow the review of over 40,000 records concerning his tenure in George W. Bush’s White House, released late Monday.

However, Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee reported Monday night that they had reviewed “each and every page” of the documents.

Enjoy the soothing tones of Sarsour & Co. in the video below.


The Left has really removed any sense of scale. Now, with every move of a moment in the political sphere, their outrage is pegging the meter at 11. It’s enough to make anyone downright dizzy. Hopefully, a fall is in their future.


Thank you for reading! What do you think about Sarsour’s outburst? How does she remain an icon of the Left? And when are they going to nose the carpet with all the contradictions? Please let us all know in the Comments section below.

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