Poop Maven Symone Sanders on CNN: Trump Enacting a 'Hostile Takeover' of the Courts



Symone Sanders isn’t known for her astute observations; just recently, she claimed the Trump administration is pooping on you.

Yes — pooping.


All over you.

You’re covered in poop.

Apparently, when the White House isn’t riding the porcelain pony, it’s taking over the court system. So says former Bernie Sanders’s former press secretary.

On Tuesday, the Senate struck a deal to confirm seven federal judges. This means Donald J. has confirmed 60 judges during his year and eight months in office: 26 appeals court judges, 33 district court judges, and Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

To poop-savvy Symone, that’s a hostile takeover. She made things clear, during a discussion of top Trump attorney Don McGahn’s announced departure following a Senate vote on the President’s second Justice entry:

“This has been very underreported, but folks do not understand that a hostile takeover of the courts by folks who are not even approved by the American Bar Association is happening. There are judges on the list right now that are not approved by the American Bar Association. And Donald Trump’s lasting legacy, among other things, will be that he was able to reshape the courts for a generation. And that is something (Republican Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck) Grassley and (Republican Senate Majority Leader) McConnell are very tied to, and I think they don’t want to see their ally in this effort go.”

Well, yes — that’s what a president’s supposed to do: create a lasting legacy.


To the disgust of many on the Left, Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer agreed with McConnell on expedited confirmations, made possible by Mitch canceling the usual August congressional break.

Up next week: hearings for Trump Supreme Court nominee Bret Kavanaugh who, like the other judges appointed under Trump, have been evaluated by the conservative Federalist Society. In other words, Democrats are horrified.

Kavanaugh, as per the Left, opens the 7th Seal: Tim Kaine previously asserted the might-be judge will attack civil rights, whereas Hillary Clinton breathtakingly insanely warned we’ll all go back to the days of slavery.

But of course, that’s all just a pile of poop.


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