Maddow-Bashing Left-Wing Journalist Glenn Greenwald: 'I’m Pretty Sure I Am Banned by MSNBC'



Glenn Greenwald seems to be a bit of a maverick. A New Yorker piece chronicles the “leftist journalist’s bruising crusade against establishment Democrats — and their Russia obsession.”


What’s even more interesting is that the article is dated September 3, 2018 — four days from now. Welcome to the future.

As for Greenwald’s future, it may not be much spent on MSNBC.

The attorney and author of With Liberty and Justice for Some has been frequenting Fox News of late, and he’s now claiming to have been blacklisted from MSNBC due to his strident criticism of Rachel Maddow. He explained to The Observer:

As the subject of two recent pieces in The New Yorker and Huffington Post, Greenwald remains as skeptical as ever of the Russia investigation, and continues to strike MSNBC and the network’s host Rachel Maddow over their ongoing coverage of the saga.

“I’m pretty sure I am banned by MSNBC,” Greenwald told Huffington Post. “I used to be invited on constantly during the Bush years, and even into the Obama years. Then it kind of tampered off toward the end of the Obama years, when I was criticizing Obama.”

Greenwald told Observer in an email that he believes he was banned from MSNBC in 2017 because of his “harsh criticism of the obsession of MSNBC generally, and Maddow specifically, with the Russia story, as well as their numerous errors and reckless speculation.”

While speaking to the Huffington Post, Greenwald was hit with a question steeped in insanity — the kind that compares FNC’s Tucker Carlson to a Nazi. After saying he doesn’t regret appearing on Fox but probably wouldn’t agree to guest on “actual Nazi party channels,” HuffPost asked this:

Well, Tucker Carlson gets close to it. Did you see his thing on South African land reform, and white farmers being under siege? Those are white nationalist tropes.


Greenwald agreed(!), while also thumbing his nose at Maddow and CNN’s Wolf Blitzer:

Yeah, they definitely get close to white nationalist tropes. I mean, the whole immigration thing is intertwined with white nationalism, but I think we ought to reserve Nazism for people advocating genocide. Anyway, my view has always been that you should judge people by what they say, and not where they say it. I don’t have a moral obligation to stay off TV if Wolf Blitzer and Rachel Maddow aren’t inviting me on their shows.

Talk about a stranger in a strange land. Greenwald is an idea man without a home — gooberish enough to call a belief in borders “white nationalism” but sufficiently aware and bold to call MSNBC on their fake Russia baloney:

Greenwald’s spot-on with his summation of the Democrats’ Moscow mania:

I really just don’t think that many Americans who don’t watch Rachel Maddow are waking up in the morning with Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin anywhere near the top of their list of concerns. The Democratic Party leaders, the main media representatives and the national messaging are all focused on an issue that I don’t think people care much about, and don’t perceive will make their lives better.


Maybe he’ll come around on his wrongheaded immigration accusations. In the meantime, we can be amused by the Left’s banishment of a fellow winger, as he calls them out on their fakery. It’s curious to watch establish liberals eat their own.

Maybe Tucker can take him in, and show him around the wonderful world of rationale. For now, perhaps we’ll take what we can get. School him, Tucker.

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