And Again: Rand Paul Attempts to Block Federal Funding of Planned Parenthood



Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has submitted a bill addendum that would keep federal funding out of the hands of Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers.


Rand wants to keep PP’s fingers out of the pie of a massive appropriations measure being argued in the Senate.

According to the senator, keeping taxes from supporting abortions is rightfully “one of the top priorities” of congressional Republicans.

The proposal would be attached to the Defense, Health and Human Services, Labor and Education bill poised to funnel a boatload of money, folks!

Paul believes this is the time to make it happen:

“This is our chance to turn our words into action, stand up for the sanctity of life, and speak out for the most innocent among us that have no voice.”

Alabama’s Richard Shelby cautioned Monday that the attachment to the larger package could block the passage of the bill entirely:

“What we are trying to do is move our bills, and that could be a spoiler.”

Despite the Republicans’ control of Congress, they have yet to manage a stoppage of publicly-funded abortion.

Of course, not everyone thinks such a moratorium is a great idea — ThinkProgress called Rand’s Planned Parenthood addition “just the latest assault against the reproductive health provider.”


If the Republicans can’t push such legislation through with a majority in both houses, then when? November approaches, and it remains to be seen whether Donald Trump’s prophesied “red wave” washes over Washington (please see here and here). If it does, in lieu of Rand’s plan succeeding soon, maybe the GOP will finally accomplish what many conservatives have wanted for so long.

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