A Nazi Betrays a Nazi? The Left Surely Are Dizzied as President Trump Deports the Last Known Member of the Third Reich



For the past two years, the Left has been demanding that President Donald Trump is, at least by association, a Nazi.

They must’ve been scratching their heads Tuesday, then, as Trump ordered the last known member of the Third Reich to be shipped back to Germany.


Yes, Germany: the residence of — according to radically left-wing New York Times writer Michelle Goldberg, who recently claimed Trump wants to murder people — Angela Merkel, the “leader of the free world” (please read here).

Why would Nazi Trump send one of his own to free-leading Merkel?

I’m confused.

Nevertheless, Jakiw Palij is indeed on his way to some semblance of attempted justice.

As reported by Fox News, his history is sinister:

“The 95-year-old served at the Nazi SS training camp in German-occupied Poland and facilitated the murder of 6,000 prisoners in one day.”

Palij immigrated to the U.S. in 1949 (yes — the real definition of “immigrated”), receiving citizenship in 1957 after identifying as a farmer or factory worker. In 2001, his history as an armed guard at Nazi death camps was discovered. Both presidents Bush and Obama failed to find a country that would take him. Enter President Trump, who promised to send him away, and did — via diplomacy which convinced Germany.

As Palij was being taken away from his two-story home in Queens — which he shared with his 86-year-old wife, Marina — a reporter asked, “Sir are you a Nazi? Are you scared about where you’re headed next, sir?”


That question might apply to places other than Germany.

Oh — and by the way, the Nazi was deported by ICE. I thought they were evil too?


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