Back With a Vengeance: Dozens of Donald Trump Stars Bigly Take the Walk of Fame



In the news: Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Before we start this, allow me to explain what the Walk of Fame is.

You may confuse it with the handprints in front of the iconic TCL Chinese Theatre, formerly known as Mann’s Chinese Theatre, formerly known as Graumann’s Chinese Theatre.


Here’s the basic difference:

The Chinese Theatre and its handprints are space-limited and really, really cool.

Now imagine, if you will, a long and disgustingly dirty street, flanked with stores selling bongs, incense, fake Oscars, sex toys, and Titanic-era Leonardo DiCaprio posters.

Now envision hordes of people with filthy feet tromping up and down the filthy street — yet making sure not to step on the sleeping homeless — while cops close parts of the road.

There are stars all up and down the street, with names you may never have heard of. Some are familiar — Kermit the Frog, soap actress Susan Lucci…but there’s also Herz Svorgasborg, Robbie Twitspicker-Frumpus, Thurston Fricker-Maragonads, and Dallas Farrahseptic Ali.

[I just made up those names, but you get the picture. There are over 2,600 stars.]

Now close your eyes and —

oh, wait — don’t; you won’t be able to read.

Keep your eyes open, and pretend you’re smelling something…maybe a combination of B.O., Porta Potty, melted cheese, and pickles.

Yeah; that’s about right.

Welcome to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Now we can get down to business. A history:

In 2016, some dork did this (and was subsequently arrested):


Then last month, enter Dork #2 (also taken into custody):

Believe it or not, Dork #1 initially offered to bail out Dork #2.

The latest pickaxe destruction led to the city of West Hollywood voting to remove Trump’s star.

But —

Fun Fact: the Walk of Fame isn’t in West Hollywood. So what in the world??

Now fast-forward to this awesome comeback: a whole bunch of Trump stars. And Trump stars. And Trump stars. By a street artist identifying as The Faction:

The Faction even tweeted a video of their process:

On Instagram, the pro-Trump group describes its directive thusly:



Destroy Trumps Star, and we will install 30 more. We will shower you Useful Idiots in glorious memes to manifest your Trump Derangement Syndrome demons. Glorious. Keep it up. #maga #streetartistry #pepe #kek #streetart #trump #trumpmemes #winning

Is it vandalism if it’s just stickers? If not, then I’ll say this:

I don’t know about you, but I think this is kind of hilarious.


Let me know what you think. Sound off in the Comments section below.

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