Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex -- Are Voters Thinking 'Socialism?' Not According to Tuesday, Beavis



On Tuesday night, Democrats were psyched. The reckoning was upon us, as the Left began a take-back of national politics.

But should this move toward November and 2020 be called a resurgence, or a wholly transformational shift?


Obama was certainly far to the left, but the Left has recently attempted a leftier Left than ever before — Bernie Sanders came out with economics-defying socialist plans for America in 2016, and a lot of liberals — including Joy Behar, who said Bernie “aroused” her — were ready to forego traditional American liberalism altogether and join the seductive Venezuelan va va voom.

I mean, who needs toilet paper (Venezuela doesn’t have it), when there’s free college!

Then you had Marxist Hillary, showing off her latest Chairman Mao duds in a battle between good and evil: Clinton, who pitched the state taking care of us all, against sinister Trump, who proposed the U.S. kicking butt and taking names. 

A whooole buncha people were on board with Calculator-less Sanders and Mama Mao.

But…they lost. Bernie? Crushed. Hillary? Cosmically pummeled.

So where are we now, with the party of Kennedy and Carter? Seemingly, turning a sharp enough left to throw any unwilling Democrats out the passenger window — consider hopefuls such as Kirsten Gillibrand, who fancies abolishing ICE (shown here); Hank Linderman, who dreams of largely meaningless borders (explained here); and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who wants to…well, be good-looking and young and say everything is free but not be able to in any way explain how. 


We’re on the edge, folks, of a revolution. 

Or are we? I mean, they said the same thing about the Beavis and Butt-Head reboot. But alas, Canceltown.

Similarly, on Tuesday night, voters gave a big “Settle down, Beavis” to candidates hoping to enact radical change. In fact, every politician endorsed by the vibrant Ocasio-Cortez bit the big one, and then some.

As covered by The American Mirror:

“Cortez held a whirlwind tour of the U.S., stumping for Abdul El-Sayed for governor of Michigan, Fayrouz Saad in Michigan’s 11th Congressional District, Cori Bush in Missouri’s 1st District, and is backing Congressional candidate Kaniela Ing in Hawaii. El-Sayed lost his bid for the Democrat nomination for governor to 51.8 percent to 30.5 percent, according to numbers published by The New York Times. Saad came in fourth in the five-way race, capturing only 18 percent of the vote. Cori Bush lost her primary to William Lacy Clay, 56.7 percent to 36.9 percent, the Times results show.”


Also, via Politico’s article “Down Goes Socialism”:

“The Berniecrat left desperately wants to convince naysaying political veterans…that a democratic socialist platform holds the ticket to victory in heartland [areas such as Kansas’s 3rd District] — so much so that Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez gave a full-throated endorsement to Welder over another compelling and fairly liberal candidate in Sharice Davids.

“She’s a lesbian Native American, professional mixed martial arts fighter and former Obama White House Fellow. But Davids exhibited a bit too much of an incrementalist streak for some progressives, arguing that single-payer health insurance is not realistic in the short term and supporting free community college instead of promising to make all college debt-free. Negating the stereotype that the far left puts ‘identity politics’ above all, Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez backed the white guy.”

So maybe the future isn’t as close to Caracas as some have thought. I, for one, am crossing my fingers that it’s farther than far. November will tell, and Ocasio-Cortez is expected to win her district. However, there may be hope yet: most of us don’t want to live in stricken and depleted Venezuela. After all, Americans — like Butt-Head’s Cornholio — need T.P. for, well, you can fill in the rest.



Thank you for reading! What do you expect of the Democrats and elections, going forward? Please sound off in the Comments section below.

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