Presto, Change-O: A Group of Witches Set Up to Fight Trump and Border Detention (Plus: The Eagles!)



President Trump has decried, many times, a witch hunt.


That’s a lotta witch hunts.

Add one more to the list, if you please. This time, the witches are sorta hunting Trump.

In McAllen, Texas sits “Ursula” (which is a pretty good witch name, incidentally), the largest immigration processing hub in the U.S.

The 77,000 square-foot facility was recently visited by a group of anti-…well, what’s the right word? Anti-Trump, anti-ICE? Anti-whatever-MSNBC is saying is the proper follow-up to those four words? Or perhaps it’s merely anti-family-separation? Or family detention, post-Trump’s executive order? Or does that take us back to MSNBC? Whatever it is, they’re protesting and they’re witches.

Yes — witches.

Like this:

Well, maybe not exactly.

You can check ’em out, at their website, which has some pretty spooky font. Check it out:

Why not Comic Sans? I personally am just nuts over Helvetica Neue.


Here’s what the Coven has to say about themselves:

“Far too often in history, different has been perceived as dangerous. Even within the activism community, those deemed different are sometimes marginalized, spoken over, and pushed aside. The ATX Coven of the Corvid was founded in the spirit of creating a grassroots accessible space for those of us too Queer, too Witchy, too Goth, or just plain too Weird for the average activism organization with plenty of creative and artistic activism opportunities.”

What’s the connection between gay, goth, and Samantha Stephens? Although, the second Darren was a Friend of Dorothy. Who, oddly enough, killed two witches.


“For centuries Witches, Healers, Midwives, Herbalists, and others deemed ‘different’ have been feared, reviled, persecuted, and murdered despite their crucial roles in their communities. As witches, artists, and activists we seek to promote peaceful nonviolent positive social change, healing for humanity, and social justice wherever and whenever possible by engaging people with art, words, and actions.”

I get the herbalist thing; but witches were “crucial” to the community?

“We seek an end to the violence, suffering, and pain in this world. We work to center marginalized voices and amplify them, and to challenge abuses of privilege wherever they occur. We seek to fight injustice in all its intersectional forms, to help dismantle the systems of privilege which perpetuate these injustices, to reduce human suffering, and ultimately to heal the world. … This is a non-religious organization.”


If they’re witches, I don’t believe that counts as non-religious. But it’s awesome of ’em to “heal the world” and end all “suffering and pain in this world.” I’m pretty psyched about it.

The site goes onto explain America’s strength:

“Our country’s strength is born through diversity. Our nation is a rainbow of migrants and refugees from diverse backgrounds who bring diverse knowledge, skill sets, cultures, values, art, music, food, and more. This diversity is the United States greatest asset.

Cool — they indiscriminately (and undiscerningly?) love all people and all cultures and all viewpoints. They’re extremely open-minded.

“However we can never forget that the first settlers who came to this country fleeing religious persecution also began our nation’s dark history of colonialism and oppression of indigenous Americans. This pattern of oppression continues to this very day in the form of systemic racism, corporate greed, and exploitation of some of the most vulnerable migrants and refugees arriving in the United States today.”

Oh. Nevermind.

“However, the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of hope that we can rise above the blood, the darkness, and the fear mongered by so many in the United States of today.”

Yeah — they’re definitely against people with whom they disagree.

“By embracing the true source of our nation’s strength, and recognizing the beauty of diversity we can reclaim our nation’s shining future…”


Oh, wait — okay, no, they’re for people with all views…

“…from the jaws of greed and begin to end the suffering inflicted by inefficient and inhumane privatization of detention facilities and foster care, ineffective border enforcement policies, and insufficient fair access to due process and the immigration process.”

Back to One, everybody.

But then:

“We believe strongly that diversity is strength for both this organization and our country as a whole. It is through diverse experiences, knowledge, and viewpoints that our organization gains higher perspective.

“As a result, we welcome anyone who aligns themselves with our mission to support human rights and end human suffering is welcome regardless of gender identity, sexuality, race, or religion.”

Now I’m just lost.

Anyway, these people are protesting in Texas.

The Coven’s Nichole Miller gave Den of Geek a rundown:

“So far we staged a protest in front of the McAllen Detention center (on July 14th). … We also dropped supplies to the Catholic charities which assist immigrants in town. … The first incident that got my attention was Trump’s initial exploitation of the law that requires minor children who are unaccompanied by adults to be separated from their families at the border.”

Whoa — she acknowledged that it’s a law. I’ve been trying to tell people that (such as here and here).


“I, like the rest of white America woke up to something I had been blind to. These detention centers have been here for a long time and I’ve learned a lot in the past several months. I feel sad that I didn’t know about it before.”

Miller was sure to clear up any confusion about the facility’s name:

“[The detention center is] named for the street in front of it, not the Disney villain.”

Ohhh…gosh. Glad she mentioned that. I was gonna go the rest of my life thinking a sinister government employee watched The Little Mermaid and a lightbulb went off.

“[Ursula] is the one notorious for keeping kids in chain link dog kennel type enclosures with nothing but gym mats and Mylar space blankets. … We worked to gather supplies like cash donations for calling cards for immigrants to make calls to their family/lawyers, as well as socks, toiletries, underwear etc. and donated them to Catholic charities in town who often assist immigrants after they’re released and face court/trial to likely then be deported back to their home country.”

And that’s the news. So if you’re ever in McAllen, Texas and in heavy violation of immigration law, as you ponder the mystery of your kennel being named after an evil sea sorceress, you might just get some soap or socks from a certain group of witches who love diversity but don’t but do but don’t but it’s what makes us great. God Bless Racist, Greedy, Exploitative America. At least, that’s what I’m getting from the Coven of the Corvid, but I may just need to read everything again.



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