Trump Attorney Jay Sekulow Brushes Off Possible Don Jr. Violations



On ABC’s This Week Sunday, Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow seemed to trivialize elements of a 2016 meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian attorney. The get-together regarded an offer of potentially damaging information on Trump rival Hillary. You know — that scary lady who very weirdly wears 1950s-ish Chinese dictator clothes. Not a good look when running for Leader of the Free World, if you’re trying not to disturb and frighten people.


Also Sunday, The Washington Post reported that the President (who turned out to be, thankfully, not Hillary Zedong) is afraid Don Jr. may have stumbled into some legal trouble.


Sekulow challenged that:

“The question is how would [the meeting] would be illegal. You have to look at what laws, rules, regulations, statutes are purportedly violated here.”

Host George Stephanopoulos pushed back:

“Well, they’ve actually pointed to several, including conspiracy to defraud the United States. That would be one of the possible charges — the aiding and abetting conspiracy.”

Well. Touché.

Sekulow asserted he isn’t aware of any scrutiny on Don Jr. over the meeting’s arrangement.

There remains some disagreement over whether President Trump knew and approved of the meeting prior to its occurrence. Trump legal representative Rudy “I’m absolutely everywhere, and maybe I shouldn’t be” Giuliani has claimed Trump knew nothing. By contrast, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen has offered to testify to the contrary, albeit without evidence (and this is, incidentally, if CNN is to be believed…which is a HUGE “if”).

Plans could be made next week for the President to have a sit-down with the special counsel. Sekulow isn’t a fan of the prospect:

“The president has been clear that he wants to interview … his legal team is concerned.”


Like Martin Luther King (although, not nearly as admirably), I have a dream: that one day, black men and white men will live together in a world where there is no Mueller investigation.

Will I live long enough to see it? I’m not sure. According to Guinness World Records, the longest documented human life lasted only 122 years. So it’s not looking good for me. Though I may still be a spring chicken, the turkeys at the DoJ seem intent upon continuing this probe until my goose is cooked.


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