Sneak in, Stay in: Congressional Hopeful Hank Linderman Wants USA to Stand for 'U Sneak Across'



Congressional hopeful Hank Linderman knows how to deal with the nation’s millions of illegal aliens.

And how can you disagree with a guy named Hank?


The Kentucky Democrat wants every single “qualified” illegal immigrant to be granted amnesty.

Linderman explained his plan to the Louisville Courier Journal:

“I am calling for action to help the millions of undocumented people already working in our communities, serving in our military and raising families by granting amnesty.”

Well, I suppose that would help ’em.

He also wants to restructure ice. Not ICE, mind you, but “ice”:

“I want to start a conversation about restructuring ice and granting amnesty to the 10 million plus people who are already here.”

Currently, the structure of ice is H2O.

Hank’s proposal would bestow amnesty upon any “qualified” illegal immigrant who’s still in the U.S. on July 4th of next year.

Of course, first he has to win in November, and that’ll mean a takedown of Republican Brett Guthrie, who’s had a seat since 2009. Then, it’s alllllll amnesty from there, baby!

“Any reform of immigration law and process in the United States must include amnesty for those already living here.”

He has some other ideas about those sneaking across the border, too:


“The abuses we have seen, including family separations, extended incarcerations and even violent and sexual assault, must stop.”

Is he suggesting that Americans are assaulting illegal immigrants? If he’s referring to coyotes, I think it’s reasonable to assume that, if we tell Mexico everyone who sneaks in can stay, there’ll be an increase in desert travelers, perhaps an increase in coyotes, and therefore an increase in sexual attacks.

As for family separation, I wonder if he’s intending to speak out against Democrats, who are the ones responsible for it (see here, and more here).

I can’t help but admire the Left’s approach to law-breaking — the solution is to simply remove the law. Easy-peasy. Nevertheless, I think Linderman is a hair bit idealistic.

Aka, foolish.

Maybe he should stay in his kitchen, and just focus on restructuring ice.

Thank you for reading! What are your thoughts on Hank? Sound off in the Comments section below.

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