Something in Common: Thousands Protest Putin in Moscow



Hey, here’s maybe some evidence that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin really could be bosom buddies.

The two truly have something in common: people hate ’em.


Just take a ganders at the thousands of people protesting in the streets in Moscow. Trump would feel downright at home. Just imagine them shouting “Trump”–

The reason for 6,000 Russians screaming that their leader “is a thief?” Vladimir has proposed a raise in the retirement age.

Putin’s expressed idea to set the retirement age for men at 60-65 and for women at 55-63 is looking like a real dud.

The reason for the proposition? Government financial improvement.

Al Jazeera explains:

“With an aging population and the demographic hole left after the birth rate collapsed following the fall of the Soviet Union, it means that the pressure on the state pension fund is unsustainable. Russia is approaching a situation where, for every working-age adult, there is one dependent — be that pensioner or child.”


Vlad’s approval ratings have dropped since he floated the notion in June. He’s been backing a smidge away from it, since.


Previously, Putin had said he wouldn’t raise the retirement age.

Despite domestic criticism, he’s been praised for his performance at the Helsinki summit with Donald Trump just weeks ago.

Trump? Not so much.

But that’s okay.

Maybe mutual memories of citizen rage will give them something to talk about in D.C. after January 1st, 2019 (covered here).

“Heavy is the head that wears the crown.”

At least, in Trump’s case, his is buoyed by the fluffiest hair this side of the Mississippi.

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