Former Trump Aide: Trump Has Never Lied to Him (and Michael Cohen Absolutely Stinks)



On NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday, a former Trump campaign aide showed up to slam dirty-pool Michael Cohen for secretly taping conversations with The Donald.


Affirming the veracity of the tape, Sam Nunberg said the recording at hand — of the billionaire talking with his attorney about buying (in order to silence) a Playmate’s story of an alleged Trump affair (covered here), which CNN played for the world last week — sounded “like the conversations you would hear in private” inside Trump Tower.

Furthermore, Nunberg explained that it was commonly known among DT’s associates that the wiley attorney recorded his phone calls.

Even so, to Nunberg, recording in-office discussions was bush league:

“I thought he was taping all phone conversations…but to tape people when you’re sitting in the office with them, that would be highly suspect.”

Nunberg also made a claim that might make the mainstream media lose their minds: he believes Donald Trump has never lied to him.

Nunberg waxed philosophic on Cohen’s turncoat crappiness. And make no mistake — Nunberg believes Trump had no knowledge of the Trump Tower meeting:


“But ultimately, if you’re asking me who do I believe — the President or Michael Cohen — with what Michael Cohen may say — for instance, when Michael Cohen says now that the President knew about the Russia meeting in advance — I would believe Don Jr. and the President, in light of learning that Michael was taping conversations, the way Michael was conducting himself behind the scenes in front of all of us.”

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