Rudy: 'Trump Didn't Commit a Crime of Any Kind,' and the Cohen Tapes are a Sign of the End; or Are They?



Making his Sunday show rounds, Trump attorney Rudy “I am Everywhere” Giuliani appeared on New York’s 970 AM to drop some science.


Rudy told host John Catsimatidis that Michael Cohen’s secret tapes prove the Mueller investigation is a wash: as for Robert finding any Trump-Russia ties, the probe “is going nowhere.”

“In that sense, they prove that this investigation is going nowhere. … Donald Trump didn’t do anything wrong; he didn’t commit a crime of any kind.”

Rudy said he heard a tape of Cohen and CNN’s Chris Cuomo, in which they discussed the arranged payment to porno princess Stormy Daniels to keep her mouth shut (a polar-opposite kind of change for Daniels) over an alleged 2006 affair.

“Cohen, over and over again, answered Chris Cuomo’s questions by saying, ‘[Trump] didn’t know about it; I did it on my own.'”

The recently-touted story of Trump’s payoff over an alleged romance with Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal (covered here) was first reported by The New York Times, and the result seems to have been a shift in the Trump/Cohen rift toward a focus on secretly-recorded conversations.

Mueller is moving to those tapes, which, to some, signals a new level of desperation on the part of the Justice Department’s special counsel.


Giuliani thinks the whole thing will be “ending soon.” So does, incidentally, National Security Advisor John Bolton (explained here).

Rudy characterizes the investigation in the same terms as Bolton:

Trump and his allies have repeatedly tried to discredit Mueller’s inquiry by labeling it a “witch hunt.”


What do you think of Mueller’s attention to the tapes? Is this a great sign of the end, or just another link in a chain which will never end? Please sound off in the Comments section below.

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