A River in Egypt: The Economy is Great, But Not to MSNBC; Chris Matthews Does His Best Leslie Nielsen



For the second quarter, GDP grew at a rate of 4.1 percent. Great news, right?

Not if you hate Donald Trump.

Not if you want to beat the GOP in November.


And certainly not if you’re MSNBC.

Therefore, as part of the media’s brace for impact before the trumpeted Trump triumph, Chris Matthews welcomed The Wall Street Journal’s Vivian Salama Thursday to say that, although the GDP report was probably “going to be a good one,” we shouldn’t forget that “a lot of that is boosted by preemptive activity on tariffs, so let’s see what happens.”

In other words, since Trump is in the White House, if the report is bad, then that’s bad. And if the report is good, it’s probably still bad.

Chris took a shot:

“How about a trillion dollar deficit? That helps too.”

Would that deficit have anything to do with Barack Obama?


Casting shade on Trump’s 2020 hopes, Matthews welcomed The Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus. She schooled us all:

“President Trump is going to take a lot of credit for these good numbers, don’t believe him.”

Ruth explained that Trump has nothing to do with anything good:

“A lot of people who bought things because they are worried about his tariffs and a lot of false growth from tax cuts juicing the economy. … It’s going to slow down, don’t buy it.”


Marcus was also “excited to tell [Matthews] about obstruction of justice” (covered here).

Chris then reminded viewers that Trump’s approval rating is in the low 40’s.

On Friday, the streak continued. After President Trump touted the great economic news from the White House lawn, Matthews let everyone know what’s what:

“President Trump took a victory lap of sorts on the South Lawn this morning after the latest GDP numbers show the economy growing by more than four percent in the second quarter. Trump touted the Republican tax overhaul, saying Americans are getting far better paychecks. Well, that’s despite Labor Department data showing real wages and personal income growth have slowed or remained stagnant over the past year. The President also claimed the new levels of economic growth are sustainable but some economists say the GDP may have been artificially inflated in this quarter by a flood of exports as countries race to stay ahead of a potential trade war. We’ll be right back.”

Hey — in 2016, the media and left-wing politicians told us all that, if Trump was elected, the economy would drop to the bowels of hell. So…


Trump’s all —

According to Chris Matthews and the Left, no, you didn’t, Donald.

You didn’t build that, and you didn’t do that.

But raging against minorities? Destroying democracy? Ruining America? Conspiring for world annihilation?

You did that, alright. You did that.

Do you think the Left will ever admit that Trump didn’t destroy the world? If so, how long will we have to wait? Please sound off in the Comments section below.

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