You Have Just Entered the Twilight Zone; CNN -- Creating Narratives Nightly



CNN isn’t a news organization, per se.

Watching it is like turning the channel to Democratic Television.

If they changed their name to that, it wouldn’t seem in any remote way strange. To me, it would feel way more right (please check out these absolutely unbelievable examples).


Just watch any given 11 seconds of Jim Acosta, and it’s obvious the network has no interest in news. Propaganda is the flavor of the week. Every single week.

The show’s disposition can often be clearly seen in the way its coverage contrasts with that of Fox News. Not just with regard to politicians, but rhetoric in a number of ways.

To quote Rod Serling, “Submitted for your approval:”

There have been three incidences of police officers killed in the line of duty over the past week, and Fox and Friends covered each one.

However, New Day — CNN’s morning program — gave air time to only one instance, spending a total of 11 seconds on the tragedy (better that, than 11 seconds of Jim Acosta).

Compare that to the weekend manifestation of the show, which budgeted more time for an officer driving into a cyclist in Missouri.

On Saturday afternoon’s Newsroom, the program featured two cops who got fired for flipping a coin to determine whether to arrest a female speeder in Georgia.

Check out this video…


From July 21st to the 27th, not only did Fox and Friends cover the police slayings in Arizona, Hawaii, and Wisconsin, and a non-lethal shooting of an officer in Florida; they welcomed a panel to discuss a 2018 increase in police being shot:


Altogether, Fox spent more than ten minutes on officer attacks.

But CNN? 11 seconds.

According to a physicists at Georgia Tech, the average mammal urinates for 21 seconds.

People pee longer than the Clinton News Network’s coverage.

Piss poor, CNN. Piss poor.

Can you think of any particular examples of CNN’s left-wing narrative? If so, please share them with the group — sound off in the Comments section below. Also, what’s your favorite Twilight Zone episode? Mine is “The Howling Man.”

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