KavaNAW!!!! The Democrats Fight the Power, but Chuck Grassley and the GOP Have It



When Donald Trump announced to the world that his pick for Supreme Court Justice was Bret Kavanaugh, the Left lost its ever-loving mind (seen here).


Case in point: Hillary Clinton thought she’d give us one for the books by saying his appointment would take the country back to the days of slavery (covered in all its glorious idiocy here).

Sadly, Hillary’s ode to psychosis won’t make the books unless we’re talking about a really, REALLY big book here. By the time Trump’s second term is over, that book’ll be the size of the Chrysler building.

Moving on in their battle against Kavanaugh (and Trump), Democrats have demanded documents tied to the SCOTUS hopeful be handed over for a look-see. Sen. Chuck Grassley ain’t so hot for that idea, so he’s attempting to limit access.

In a letter sent on behalf of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Grassley asked that records related to Kavanaugh’s time as George W. Bush’s White House lawyer be allowed, but those covering his work as Bush’s staff secretary be off limits.

Democrats called “No fair!”

In a statement, Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (yes, that’s his real name; he should run for president — I’d love to hear four years’ worth of “the Whitehouse White House”) wasn’t having any of it:

“What is so disqualifying in his record from the White House that they would accede to the administration’s wishes and ignore the precedent Republicans set in demanding exhaustive document productions by Obama nominees?”


If you care:

accede = Agree to a demand or request.

California smartypants Kamala Harris, who doesn’t understand the writing of the Declaration of Independence (shown herehad a complaint herself:

“The majority’s opposition to transparency is as new as it is dangerous.”

Side note: It always sounds scary if you end a sentence with “as it is dangerous.” A few examples:

“Dr. Pepper’s new can is as sleek as it is dangerous.”

“Tomi Lahren is as blonde as she is dangerous.”

“A watermelon is as delicious as it is dangerous.”

“My left sock is as white as it is dangerous.”

“You’re as white as you are dangerous.”


Nice move, Harris.

The Dems contend Kavanaugh’s staff secretary era is ripe for mining in order to get a clear picture of his opinions on the period’s lightning rod issues, such as surveillance and torture.

Grassley called the demand for a broad assortment of documents a “fishing expedition.” Furthermore, the GOP maintains Kavanaugh’s secretary work was of the “paper pusher” variety and would shed no light on his views.

Oh, and he’s standing up for me and you:

“I expect the production to be the largest ever in the Senate’s consideration of a Supreme Court nominee. … As I have said repeatedly, I am not going to put the American taxpayers on the hook for the Senate Democrats’ fishing expedition.”


Chuck may succeed: according to a letter to Dianne Feinstein from the National Archives, under the Presidential Records Act, a committee’s ability to collect documents is determined by the group’s chairmen. And all of those, in this case…are Republicans.

Sorry, Democrats.

Thank you for reading! What are your thoughts on Kavanaugh, and of the Dems’ chances of defeating his appointment? Please sound off in the Comments section below.

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