Yikes! San Francisco, Boston, Maryland, and the Future of Citizenship (or Lack Thereof)



As reported Monday by RedState’s Brad Slager, San Francisco has given non-citizens the right to vote in school board elections.

Let this settle. I’ll wait.


Actually, now wait for me.


It’s ironic that a party which has peed themselves for a year and a half over foreign influence in an American election would willingly choose to allow that very thing.

San Francisco isn’t alone in its lunacy: Boston is considering a similar resolution.

And away we go.

What happened to the idea of a country? Two central components which comprise the notion of a nation are a citizenry and a territory. One of the two major parties in America seems currently intent upon giving up both of those.

Not good.

In response to San Francisco’s decision, South Carolina Rep. Jeff Duncan introduced a bill to revoke federal funding from governments which grant non-citizens voting rights.

“Allowing non-citizens to water down the voice of American citizens at the voting booth disrespects their sacrifice and the value of American citizenship.”

That sounds reasonable.

“Now more than ever, it is critical that we ensure only American citizens are casting ballots in this country.”


As reported by the Los Angeles Times, Doug Ose, former California representative, has proposed a ballot initiative to legally prevent California regions from permitting non-citizens to cast their vote in state elections.

Ose needs 365,880 signatures in order to get his proposition on the ballot for 2020. Ose touted the amendment’s simplicity:

“It’s very simple. I don’t think non-citizens should be voting.”

At least for now, nationally, we don’t need any kind of similar effort: in 1996, Congress passed a law making it a felony for non-citizens to vote in presidential or congressional elections.

However, the local level is anyone’s ballgame.

Believe it or not, San Francisco isn’t exactly a pioneer. Maryland jurisdiction Takoma Park has long allowed non-citizens — including illegal aliens — to cast their votes in local elections. Ten other Maryland regions have followed suit.

Chicago also lets non-citizens participate in school elections.

There are times when a slippery-slope argument is a cop-out, but I don’t think this is one of them. If non-citizens have the same rights as citizens, then citizenship doesn’t exist. At that point, who does the country belong to?


Here’s hoping Ose gets his signatures, and that more states follow him rather than those in charge of San Fran. Trump’s presidency is great; but history tells us the pendulum will soon swing back. And if there aren’t safeguards put into place now, in six years, we may be looking at a pendulum that swings so far in the wrong direction that it breaks all the way off.


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