The House Delays ObamaCare Tax for Two More Years



On Wednesday, the House of Representatives voted “yes” on a delay of ObamaCare’s health insurance tax. The pause will last two years.


In addition to pushing back the tax, the House moved to expand Health Savings Accounts in an effort to lower premiums, thanks to the GOP. The accounts are tax-free methods of saving for health costs.

Bill 242-176 passed as a pushback against Democrats who have criticized Republicans for an increase in premiums. This will, of course, be a key issue during the upcoming congressional elections.

Republican Sen. Peter Roskam, of Illinois, denigrated the premium-driving tax from the floor:

“This is a flawed tax that gets passed onto American families.”

That pretty much describes the entirety of ObamaCare.

Rep. Sander Levin, a Democrat, shot back that the tax delay won’t effect premiums and is, rather, an empty political gesture to benefit the party in November:

“It’s a political exercise, it’s aimed to help [those running for office] who are in a vulnerable political position.”

That pretty much describes the entirety of politics.

The tax had already been canceled for next year. Wednesday’s bill additionally removes it from 2020 and 2021.

Besides deferring the tax and expanding HSA’s, the bill also increases eligibility among ObamaCare recipients for “catastrophic” plans, which have lower premiums and higher deductibles.


Will the tax will ever be instated? If the GOP thinks it’s saving the day here, then it needs to save the day every year. If so, why not change things so the tax is never accrued? Otherwise, politically, you’re just delaying the inevitable. Although, I suppose they could try to implement it in a year without elections.

Possibly, of course, there is still intention to end ObamaCare altogether.

President Trump ran on repealing it:

In July and September of last year, Republicans tried a repeal and failed.

However, last year’s Republican-led tax package removed the mandate on Americans to buy health insurance.


For now, with the tax delayed and the mandate gone, perhaps nothing much else matters, at least among Republican voters: a poll in December revealed that 44% believed the socialized medicine catastrophe had already been abolished. A total of 31% across parties thought so, with 22% unsure.

Things are heating up for November. It’ll be interesting to see which issues get traction and which ones fall to the wayside.

‘Til then, buckle up: things are gonna get weird.

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