House Democrat Eric Swalwell Strikes Out Against Russia v2.0



Trump is ready for Russia, Round 2.

Are you?

If you’re Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell — a member of the House Intel Committee — the answer is a swift “no.”


Two days after Helsinki, Führer Trump sent out an invite to his world-ending co-conspirator for a frolicking good time in D.C. this fall.

That sounds nice; but according to Swalwell, Putin “shouldn’t be in our country.”

Swalwell sounded off on CNN’s New Day:

“He attacked our country. … Most Americans, when their homes get broken into, they upgrade their security system. They don’t invite the burglar over for dinner. … And the President shouldn’t let Vladimir Putin in the Rose Garden for a victory lap.”

A victory lap? That seems a bit extreme.

The congressman warned of the impending “thousands of people, maybe more, in the streets around the White House, peacefully demonstrating and letting their voices be heard.”

I can believe the “thousands” part. I’m not so sure about “peaceful,” given the many mouths of the populace currently expelling foam, due to the media and congressional Democrats’ presentation of the situation (such as this and this, the effect of which, I believe, is exemplified by the social media post featured at the end of this article).


And all this, of course, in the aftermath of a bunch of confusion (seen here).

Buckle your seat belts, folks; if there is, in fact, another Russia summit — this time in Washington — something tells me things are going to get a whole lot goofier.

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