CNN Asks: Are We (Finally) Ready for Impeachment?



Why, media? Why, Democrats? Why, why, why????

Why must you respond to Trump’s actions with such breathtaking insanity, constantly?


Here we go…


In response to Donald Trump’s less-than-great self-control at the news briefing capping a landmark meeting with Vladimir Putin (which I cover, along with the craziness, here and here), CNN asked the question Tuesday, “Is the country there yet?”

Where is “there,” you may wonder? Why, it’s the Left’s Promised Land: impeachment.

The question was posed, incidentally, by the anchor.

Notice that she didn’t just inquire as to whether we’re there; she wanted to know if we’re there yet, suggesting we’re going to be there eventually, and it’s been a long time coming.

At This Hour’s Kate Bolduan was speaking to impeachment attorney Ross Garber.

Bolduan dived in:

“So, let’s break this down. High crimes and misdemeanors. Did the President rise to that level yesterday?”

Garber provided the difference between the Left’s characterization of Trump’s words and actual treason:

“The constitutional standard for impeachment is treason, bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors. The question is, was what he did treason? Treason is actually defined in the Constitution. It’s a rare offense in that way. It’s actually defined. The definition refers to aiding enemies. So, he question is, is Russia our enemy? … It may be an adversary, it may be a foe, it may even be a competitor, as the President said. But it’s not an enemy. We are not at war with Russia. So, technically, no, there was no treason that happened yesterday. “



Bolduan pressed:

“‘High crime and misdemeanor’ doesn’t need to actually be a crime, though?”


“There’s a debate about that. Most legal scholars would say, technically, it doesn’t need to be a crime. As a practical matter, given all of the crimes, all of the federal crimes that exist, it’s unlikely that there would be something that’s so egregious, so terrible that you would overthrow an election, which is what an impeachment is, that’s not actually defined as a crime.”

The Left want impeachment soooo bad! On CNN and MSNBC, it’s oozing out of their pores.

Yet, alas, no cigar.

There is certainly more of this to come. On the Cigars Needed Network.

What are your thoughts on the reactions to Trump’s behavior at the Helsinki briefing? What’s the most absurd response you’ve heard so far? Please let us all know in the Comments section.

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